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I got into anime figure collecting unexpectedly. I was watching Big Bang Theory and saw they had Star Wars figures in the back ground which I thought was awesome so I started checking youtube videos which opened up my world to collecting 1/6 scale figures such as Hot Toys Superman, Luke Skywalker and Thor. I did not know this type of merchandise was out there and it blew my mind. I was never into Anime at the time and had only watched very few but my favourite was Macross and was curious to see if there were any figures related to this series. There were very few and not very good but I found a Lynn Minmay figure from Gutto-Kuru so I decided to get it despite being unsure of the quality. It was OK but my searching also brought me into the world of japanese figures which amazed me in their quality and huge variety available. Now I am watching anime and collecting figures...Who would have thought.

Some of the items are stuff I get for my niece such as sailor moon, Yotsuba & Danbo.
TV serie(s)
Shirobako, Steins;Gate, Bakemonogatari, Psycho Pass, Haruhi Suzumiya, Spice and Wolf, Oreimo, Hanasaku Iroha, Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai, Love Live
Sci-fi & travel literature mostly
Pokemon, Kantai Collection
Mix of rock, pop, metal, electronic, dance, trance, jpop
Canon 80D
usually changes every year



Noticed that you have the limited edition of the Umaru game. Was it worth it? I see that amiami has it for 5400, which is considerably cheaper than the pre-order price.
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DogStar (2 jaar geleden) #5846929If you go to Skytree it on the other side of the canal. I don't know what they serve I.just took a photo of the exterior. They probably just had a panda outside as a gimmick to entice customers. Check out solamachi as there are lots of stores and possibly panda related souvenirs. There is a large panda plushie on the top of ueno station but it does not look.impressive. have a look anyway as you will pass it when you walk from the station to the zoo.

Thank you very much!
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Hi, I just noticed that you post a picture of a panda cafe in Japan that has been removed.

I'm in love with pandas and I have been travelling around to the zoos that have pandas around in Southeast Asia. My next destination would be Ueno Zoo, Japan.

So I just wonder if you can give me more details on the specific location of the panda cafe, so I can put it into my next travelling plan? Thank you very much! :D
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Beani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
DogStar (4 jaar geleden) #2030820/('o')\
Your Hitagi collection is amazing

Why thank you! :D
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DogStar (5 jaar geleden) #1295527Wow. You really like your nendo's which is good because they take up less space and you can display more figures. I like your photos. I noticed you do not have all your figures on display. It's good you try not to display them all and keep your room neat and less cluttered.
Thanks for the comment and I'm really glad that you like my photos :) You also have a nice little collection of nendo's. It's great!

Happy New Year to you :D
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Welcome to the MFC!!!)
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Welcome to the board!
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welcome to the board~^^
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Welcome to the board DogStar! :)

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