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Hai der babeh. B^)
1 jaar geleden
Ah, very nice! I need to get a Mash figure. Still haven't yet. Hoping a new one will be released that will catch my eye.
2 jaar geleden
I lost the photos you sent me >.< My inbox got wiped clean. I don't know if you sent anything else. I left for work then came back to nothing. If you took any other photos of the ice sculptures, I'd like to see them! You made them sound pretty elaborate. (Lights, animations, etc.) That is, if you get a chance.
2 jaar geleden
Thank you! Still learning the tricks of MFC. Kinda new to it :p

Looking forward to seeing you there ^_^
2 jaar geleden
Thank you! I'm glad you think the idea is fun!

I can't see your photo for some reason. Maybe it's still loading? Ah it's working now. Seems to be a problem on my end. Sorry >.<
2 jaar geleden
Welcome to the board DieBaumchen! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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Japan's #1 Collector Toy Company