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There's not much to say about me. I'm just an anime fangirl trying to find her way through life (˵Φ ω Φ˵)
TV serie(s)
Sekai Seifuku ~Bouryaku no Zvezda~, Date A Live, Attack on Titan, A Certain Scientific Railgun / Magical Index, Bakemonogatari, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Kill la KIll, Gurren Lagann, Watamote, One Piece, Steins; Gate, Code Geass and many, many more..
Too many to list...
Halo series, Titanfall, KanColle, Battlefield series, Zelda series, Pokemon series, Dawn of War series, Fire Emblem Awakening, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2, World of Tanks, Guild Wars 2, Eve Online and many many more...
A huge variety of Anime and Video-Game soundtracks mainly.
Custom Gaming PC: MSI GTX 980 TI Gaming, Intel i5 2500k, 8GB Ram, 2TB Memory


Happy Birthday friend! (Just a little late)
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Merry Christmas!

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Aimathyst TOM Affiliate
Happy Birthday! \(^.^)/
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Ctan_Overlord (3 jaar geleden) #4169075There's always something xD
Nintendo is starting gain my respect again now that they are slowly catching up with the times (proper online support and the such), although they still have a bit to go.
Rumor has it that they will announcing their new console soon, from what has been reported already it may be as, if not more powerful than the Xbone and PS4. So that'll be a new one for Nintendo...

I'm kinda worried to see what's going to happen with Nintendo now Iwata died ;_;
I'm still sad for it.

I hear this rumor since they released wiiU so I don't know lol
It's too soon to release a new console, it doesn't matter if you failed (like happened with PSV), you still need time to work on a new one.
3 jaar geleden
Ctan_Overlord (3 jaar geleden) #4152957Thats a crazy amount to spend on one game, theres no way you could justify that really.
I do have a Xbox as well. Its true that they are adding backwards compatibility now, but it is being rolled out in stages (something about every game is capable to be played on the console already, but they needed the publishers permission first)
If they do add backwards compatibility for Vesperia, then I would most likely pick it up, it would be a nice, cheap way to get into the series I bet ^^

Ikr!! WB did the same thing on Mortal Kombat release. -_-

Oooh, good!
If you do have XBOX you can just pick it up then :)
So for now your options are Vesperia and Zestiria it seems. If you decide to pick Zestiria on Steam let me know so we can talk bout the game since we'll be playing at the same time :D

That's why I like Nintendo, they have compatibility... But also region lock, that's retarded.
3 jaar geleden
Ctan_Overlord (3 jaar geleden) #4151713Wow, thats a bit harse doubling the price of fallout like that, I hope that doesnt become a trend for games released there.
Yeah, I have never really played the Tales of games but from what you said and what i have seen online, I may get into the series with this title, it seems like loads of fun ^^
You can of course add me on Steam, I'll PM you my username. Although you could probably guess it...

I know right? But it seems to be a trend indeed, it's not the first game with the price of a console game. However Fallout was one of the most expensives I've ever seen. Ugh.
They said it "a fair price". Well, I doubt they'll think it's a fair price for us if they live one month with the minimun wage (750~800)
Now for perspective, think about receiving 800 and spend 250 on a game. lol

I think you should give it a try! I think it's a good title to start with :)
I remember you told me on Steam that you do have XBOX? I remember they said you could play 360 games on XOne now?!? or am I crazy here? If they did that already, you may also play Tales of Vesperia, it's for X360.
3 jaar geleden
Ctan_Overlord (3 jaar geleden) #4150020Yeah, I misclicked and didn't notice ^^
I was surprised at how good Dying Light is. I played Dead Island when first came out and didn't like it at all, the devs have really improved the combat and movement system fantastically!
I am trying not to preorder Fallout out of hype, as you never know how its going to turn out. Most people just think because its Fallout, it'll be good.
Whats your opinion of Tales of Zestiria? I haven't really been following it closely, is it worth playing?
And yeah, most of my games are on Steam.

I see. It happens to me sometimes x_x

I'm not into Dead Island. I started to play and just... Meh. It's fun if you are going to play for a while with friends but after idk a hour or so I'll be feeling bored already.

Yeah, here they put a price that's... just insane. I'm not willing to support that, what the fuck. That's not the price a PC game is supposed to be. Usually it's around 90~120 BRL and they decided to sell Fallout for 249 BRL. WHAT DUDE. Fuck you!

I'm a fan of Bethesda and Bioware but still, after New Vegas, I'm not that blind to think anything coming from them are the best thing ever lol
I see most people liked NV though >_>

To be honest I'm not even sure I'm the best person to give opinion because I'm all hyped and I'm a fan of tales of games. But being a fan to me also means being harsh on them if they screw up. I really dislike Xillia, for example.

So yes, the battle system is pretty good (with some minor issues like if you fight too close to a wall or tree it may kinda screw up your camera), the fighting mechanics are awesome, similar to Tales of Graces f. The graphs are just beautiful (at least for a Tales game, but I think it's beautiful anyway) with great scenarios.
The story seems to be interesting and quite good so far, and the characters are funny and charismatic. So I don't have big complains until now. Only minor bugs but that happens and I think they will fix it soon because Bandai is really trying to make it look good since it's the first Tales game on PC. They improved graphs a little for PC so you can play 4K. It's not just a crappy port, it's amazing how good it's looking on pc. x)

May I add you on Steam? :D
3 jaar geleden
Ctan_Overlord (3 jaar geleden) #4147973Thanks, you too!
Mainly Dying Light at the moment, but I am mixing in some One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 and Homeworld Remastered.
Still trying to get myself to finally start playing Metal Gear Solid V, which has been sitting on my desktop since release ^^
How about you?

lmao I didnt notice you ended up posting on your own profile haha

I see. Is Dying Light good after all? So many mixed opinions.
I didn't play it myself so I don't have any opinions about it so far.
Oooh, I do have Homeworld Re, but more because to show support/nostalgia than anything else.
I still have the copy of the first game here :)

I've been playing Tales of Zestiria now!
I was playing Metro 2033 Redux trying to make all achievements but it seems this fucking game have an weird issue that makes my system go BSOD. AGH!!! Tried everything to solve this but no luck. Uguuu...

I don't even have money for Fallout 4 but I wish I could play it. However, somehow I feel the hype is so huge I'll get disappointed in the end because I'll expect more than I'm supposed to. >_<
I didn't like Fallout NV, I was more into Fallout 3.
I also was dying to see everyone playing MGSV and I'm here, alone, with no money go grab this game haha
They are quite expensive in Brazil

I suppose you use Steam?
3 jaar geleden
Thx for accepting :)
You have a nice collection!

I see you also have a gaming PC. What have you been playing?
3 jaar geleden
SleepyShoujo Mahou shoujo
Nice Wo, friend!
3 jaar geleden
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