Wow, I'm a weeb.
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I'm planning on getting just getting a few figures *sweats*



Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
Choochi5 jaar geleden#3054049Whattt NY?? Ooh heard it gets real cold there ahaha.. :( I'm sure it will warm up hon, summer is near!!
And I'm willing to try one punch man :0 I don't know why.. it just appealed to me so much

This winter was brutal, one of the schools near me closed for the first time in 30+ years because there was so much snow >w< But now it's too hot, tbh fall is the only season perfect for me lol
Ohh, my friend was telling me about that one! Perhaps I will give it a shot too. Since there's less anime to watch this season then I should be willing to try reading more manga >:O
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Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
Choochi5 jaar geleden#3041202Good!! just enjoying the warm weather here (finally!) I'm not really looking forward to any anime's this summer though :c

Oh you live in Cali! Enjoy the warm weather :D It's still rather cold and rainy here in New York lmao. I feel the same way for the summer anime lineup. I thought Haikyuu!! was getting its second season soon but it's not until fall orz Are there any that you will test out/are remotely interested in? c:
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Lol shorten it MORE? But it already seems like a pretty short list :o so are you thinking about selling one or two?

I've been fine~ haven't really been buying much xD I wish I could splurge and buy a whole lot all the time like some hardworking people are, but I don't have much money ; n; I might not even buy anything this month QAQ

Just wondering, but is there more in your collection other than Natsume? :o
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Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
Choochi5 jaar geleden#2995175Hope you're doing well Susan, how have you been?? :]

Hello again! :) I've been doing well! Finally freed from school and now working haha. Also juggling the idea of whether to rewatch Natsume or catch up to the manga ;w; How have you been doing?
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Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
Choochi5 jaar geleden#2901186It's addicting ahaha trust me :0 Hope you picked it up, it's really good!
The mystery is killing me so much though gghhhhfh..

I'm free from school now for the summer so I will definitely be starting the manga :D I appreciate the recommendation!! Hopefully the mystery will be solved soon, I haven't even started and I'm anxious to know :p
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You're done already? D: Lol lucky for you~ congratulations on finishing! :) I'll continue to collect, I don't know how much I will end up collecting but I want practically everything right now x'D I like a lot of anime, characters and model designs...and I like figmas too, so it's going to take a long time and a lot of money.

How many figures do you have now, in your completed collection? :o
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My mom still doesn't know that I've started figure collecting lol she would probably give me a lecture, I think...I don't think she'd help me choose any xD but that's interesting that your mom actually did lol. I think your bf secretly thinks it's cool that you're collecting figures xD who knows, he might be into it too, one day. I'm pretty boring, too lol but I have a bunch of random hobbies that I sometimes do. My friends don't come over to my house often lol maybe once or twice a year, it depends if something comes up or maybe if they would like to come hang out but we usually just go out to hang out.

You don't hide them when your relatives come over to visit? Do you just not show them your room? Haha. Are you just collecting Natsume figures? o: You're almost done already? D: I don't think I'll ever be done >_< I just started, though haha but I found so many that I want already ; A; and then there are old ones that I'll have to find that will be really expensive QAQ I don't think I'll ever get that completed feeling haha, not with this hobby x'D but I'm happy for you :) what will be your last one or two figure(s)?
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Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
Choochi5 jaar geleden#2837609Yess, I really hope they translate the manga more frequently though :( I want to know who natsume's grandfather is (they hinted at it recently) UFGHFHH.. the wait is terrible
And really? Haha.. I'll admit I have a soft spot for those two. :]

I haven't read the manga at all, but Natsume's grandfather?! I will have to pick up on it asap :O If the manga is still ongoing then I will pray for another anime season! How frequently does it update?
Yess so much of the art I've been seeing is in pastel colors too <3
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Aww, that's too bad lol I'm still into SnK xD so if I get the figures/figmas, I'd probably proudly display them haha. Still live with my family and share a room upstairs with my mom but yeah, the displays are pretty much just for me to enjoy x'D I hope your Armin at least found a good home c: parents usually don't understand, especially with anime ._. My mom never understood why I wanted to learn Japanese, always saying that I wouldn't ever use it or anything and it's a waste of time but I like it, so I'd still learn haha. I totally understand that happy feeling with this hobby though xD even though I'm new to actually buying them, I've always been interested, just didn't have money ;-; lol so your bf isn't into the hobby? Does he like anime? :o and a wall of text is totally fine xD I usually talk a lot about things I like or want to say anyway haha. So sorry too because mine is probably longer than yours x'D

For me, I haven't really been judged so hard yet :o my friends usually like anime or don't have an open opinion about my collecting things. And I think my mom's decided to give up on me spending my money on things like posters and plush and stuff...I don't think she knows about my figure collecting yet because I only have the one Miku so far x'D but I give her money each month for bills, so it should be fine for me to spend my money on things I like, right? (>人<;) this will probably be my only hobby...even though it's expensive lol
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Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
Choochi5 jaar geleden#2757821Oh my god that episode killed me with scene; sad natsume is the worst ahaha
(ah, thank you~ I loveee his winter attire)

Right?? That episode in particular, plus there's the baby Natsume scenes ;-;

Also, I keep looking out for yumikuri art after seeing your blog! www.pixiv.net/m... I am starting to love that pair tbh
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value


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