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I am so sorry - I did not realize! If the add is still available plz shoot me a msg :)
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Your inbox is full i cant send a response pm
4 jaar geleden
Deine Inbox ist voll
Wollte nur sagen, dass ich dir eine Freundschaftsanfrage per Facebook geschickt hab
4 jaar geleden
your inbox is full :p i tried to pm you....
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Strife212 Original Blue
6 jaar geleden
Strife212 Original Blue
6 jaar geleden
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Ok i decided after someone else messaged me to give the order to that person, who is certain to take her

Im sorry!

Good luck with your hunt tho
6 jaar geleden
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Your inbox is full ^^" cant reply

But you could just send me your old email thats fine i can always edit later on.
Best for you is to ask paypal directly by contact form and ey can help you or else theres a phone number as well

But at least i know im certain that you take her? :)
6 jaar geleden
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hello there!

Wondered if youre willing to part with ymir, chua astram or shinobu or mine tepes? ( especially mine tepes ! )
As well as the ineresting lotte mousepad if shes still in good condition

Shipping to the netherlands

Pm me or drop me a comment on my profile
7 jaar geleden
Break8 jaar geleden#1189239yes, long time no see! sory for the late answer.
yeah, itlooks okay, btu not very well done, huh?

Np. :D
True, true! But I thought it looked ok for that price. (But yeah, good quality is better. XD)
8 jaar geleden
PVC anime figure store.




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