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Delaying my retirement for another 100 years due to my Nendoroid purchasing!

First Nendoroid: My Beloved L


leave me your email please
7 jaar geleden
Hehe I remember you, love your Blue Exorcist collection, I'm still on the hunt!
8 jaar geleden
Hi! Just wanted to say that you have a nice nendo-collection and I love your profile pic.... :D Miketsukami <3 <3 <3
8 jaar geleden
BlueBenz2005I finally got her. So I have to find Hermes :)

I hope you'll find Hermes soon! I got mine through ebay. =]
9 jaar geleden
BlueBenz2005Could not PM you. There is a Primula Primula Yaberi nendoroid for about 55 dollars plus EMS shipping. Just in case you're interested. global.rakuten....

Edit: Did not realize you already had it. Sorry.

Awwwh thats okay thankyou so much for telling me though :) thats an amazing price i paid well over double of that for mine D: if you ever see any of the other three versions of her go up for sale please tell me :) but im just grateful that you thought of me :) x
9 jaar geleden
lion-mercy The black deity fox /)^3^(\
BlueBenz2005As requested. Enjoy! PICTURE #288472 . I took a picture of her with her twin sister. :)
Aww, thank you! It's awesome combination! :O
9 jaar geleden
BlueBenz2005Very impressive collection indeed. :) Thank you for the FR

Thank you for the link! :)
9 jaar geleden
lion-mercy The black deity fox /)^3^(\
BlueBenz2005I bought him just for having that bunny ears to put on my white lab coat version of Kurisu Makise with Haru-chan sick face. My perfect Nendo ever!
Please, can you show me a photo of this? It seems to be really cute! :3
9 jaar geleden
BlueBenz2005Itoshiki Nozomu arrived safely today. Thank you.

Glad he arrived safe. You are welcome
9 jaar geleden
BlueBenz2005Just wondering how much do you want for Nessa? :)
hey, I'm selling her for 8500¥
9 jaar geleden
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!


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