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«"Time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted time"»
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I'm Beyond Despair, a college student studying animation and game design in Canada. I've always been interested in video games, having been playing and collecting them all my life. Working with programs like Maya and Mudbox, I prefer modeling characters, objects and scenary over animating them and aim to continue learning new techniques for either.

Aside from digital graphics and gaming, I'm interested in anime, manga, horror movies, sketching, reading, table-top gaming, gunpla, prop design, and role playing. Additionally, I'm fond of not only collecting games and old consoles but also figures, usually of anime or game characters. Friends like to say/think I'm crazy for investing so much into the hobby, but it's something I can't help. For the most part, I'm working on building my Metal Gear Solid collection and am interested in owning a few works from ThreeA.

The username, Beyond Despair, is a moniker coined from a combination of my favorite J-Rock band and anime series; D'espairsray and Gungrave, respectively.

On a side note... My PSN name is Beyond-Despair_
Feel free to add me if you wish and maybe I'll see you around.
TV serie(s)
Gungrave, Ghost in the Shell, Mobile Suit Gundam, Trigun
Tom Clancy
Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, HEAVY RAIN, Borderlands, Fallout New Vegas
D'espairsray, MUCC, Acid Black Cherry, Dir En Grey, X Japan


I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
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Happy Bday! ^^
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Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayo !
Welcome to you on MFC
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Welcome to the board BeyondDespair! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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Toys, Action Figures, Vintage Toys, and Collectibles.


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