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Pokemon TCGO: AyanamiSkye
My guardian is the planet of silence. Soldier of death and rebirth. Sailor Saturn.
INFJ, console gamer, mostly JRPGs. Finds beauty in the unusual.
TV serie(s)
Haibane Renmei, The Future Diary, Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica, Grave of the Fireflies, Death Parade, Monster, Erased, Hell Girl
Drakengard 3, Final Fantasy X, Project Diva
MOE Punt(en)
Yangire, Yandere, Kuudere, Spooky, Creepy, Ethereal, Red Eyes, Purple Hair
Canon EOS 70D


Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
15 dag(en) geleden
I got the pictures I posted on Ali, all the poskets sold there are bootlegs 100% ( i've found some factory discarded posketsthere, but they are rare).
They are usually very easy to spot because they have super wonky eyes. most of them don't stand straight, have paint flaws, discolorations or are made with low quality, shiny plastic, but even if you manage to find one that's perfectly painted the eyes will give it away....the bootleg Ariel I posted is a perfect example of this. she looks fine, but if you look closely, her right eye is looking to her right but the other one is staring into the void, and her hair looks shiny and cheap.

Now, even the original poskets have flaws, they're cheap figures ( at least in Japan, ugh) so they're not perfectly finished, and paint flaws are not unheard of.
I'm no expert but I don't think your Alice is a bootleg.I do have the original and the eyelashes look exactly the same. Just looking at the face you can tell she looks completely different from the bootleg, the eyes are straight, the dress and the pinafore fit perfectly at the neck and the hair also falls where it's supposed to fall ( the bootleg's hair locks dont frame her face like they should).

and if you can't see the actual figure...well, if it's too cheap to be true it's a bootleg for sure. Unless you find some second hand bargain, I haven't found original poskets for less than 15€.

This was longer than a TED talk, sorry xD I hope this helps! If you have any other questions or need help with a bootleg let me know, like I said i'm no expert but i'll try to help :)
16 dag(en) geleden
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Hi, Rei Ayanami. How's your hand doing? Better, I hope?
16 dag(en) geleden
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Hello friend, I hope your hand recovers well. Those muscle spasms can be a total pain.
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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Well, she is! Has the range of a Scout and the durability of a tank. I recommend you finish at least the 1st game. It's such a wonderful game, along with 4. Since you have a Vita, VC2 ain't bad but the bitesize maps and resource grinding is so bad... I never liked Crymaria that much. After playing all 4 games, I'm tired of seeing mentally damaged Valkyrias. That's why Riella from VC3 is one is one of my favorites.

Camilla though, is nice! A shame, like Selvaria, is pretty one dimensional thanks to her thirst for Corrin. "Corrin this! Corrin that! Cam, do you ever have a normal conversation? You know something that's not about Corrin?"

Since you like creepy and violent, then I recommend Doki Doki Literature Club, Corpse Party 1, and When They Cry. DDLC is free on Steam, WTC is a classic village horror story, and Corpse Party 1 REALLY enjoys describing the deaths of the characters. It's voiced as well so everytime the game slowly, and savoringly kills of the victim, expect a lot of screaming, whining, and other pleasant sounds! :D While not exactly graphic, Yomawari has a lot of brutal implied deaths. It hits harder to home because the main protagonists are kids. It's for the Switch and Vita.

200 games? Ahhh, don't sweat it! Break it down into little things. Do them one at a time! So if you play and finish a game, everyday, you can clear your backlog in less than a year. Easy peasy, right?

Wow, that scale of Android 18 is STACKED <3 I... I could probably stack all of the Dragon Balls on them. But as much as I like her, her shelf boobs just comes off as silly to me. Honestly, if they drooped a bit more, I'd consider it. I don't like the shiny finish on her tight jeanes as well.

Have a good weekend!
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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
I was visiting a fighting game forum and someone posted this gif of Selvaria.

Thought you would have liked it:

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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight

This is my cat, Olivia. She sometimes likes to slump on her side to be rubbed <3 That's her thing. It's funny, she'll come up to me, purr, rub her side against my leg, slump down like a sack of potatoes, then look at me.

Glad you liked the name. It was actually my gramps who named him. Fidel means, "Faithful" in Latin. The cat was always seen following my grandma, and would even look after the babies when she was gone. He was a good cat.

I liked Selvaria in VC1 due to her unwavering, almost blind loyalty and determination. Makes me wish she had more to her personality besides just being loyal to a person who saved her.

And you're right about her breasts lol She was well endowed in the game already, but these figure companies insist on making them bigger for some reason. It just look creepy at this point. I have the VC art book, and even the artist apologized for going "overboard with the mammaries" Haha VC2 Selvaria is the exception where she's flat chested as a result of copy/pasting body models from generic female soldiers.

The Azure Witch DLC was fantastic because it showed her humanity, and elevated her from fanservice to an actual character. A shame it was so short though, and your units were severely outclassed by Gallian soldiers to balance out how OP Selvy was. A a spin-off title as the imperials would be great!

You know what would be great? Selvaria in her officer's uniform, while taking aim with her machine gun, Rhum. But no. Just more pin-up poses.

That's enough Selvaria plugging for one day lol

Yes! There was Something about PS/PS2 era racing games that were fun! They were simple and all you had to do was race! Gran Turismo 4, Need for Speed: Carbon, and Burnout 2 were some of my favorites.

As for visual novels, what are your tastes? Did you want something macabre, creepy, or dark? Do you like sci-fi and adventure? How about something that's a bit more grounded?

My 5 recommendations will always be: VA-11 Hall-A, Muv-Luv, Hauoki, steins;gate, and Utawarerumono. All of them are solid all around without a lot of takeaways.

Trails of Cold Steel 3 has the benefit of having objective markers so it's really hard to get lost most of the time. I didnt bother with the side quests though, but I did spend my bonding events with Laura whenever I could.

Hey, that Hell Girl looks nice! I love the hime cut that she has.
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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Haha Stalking is you msging me every time I get on or tracking my IP to know more about me ;) You're fine.

I know Alice in Dissonance has other works as well, but Fault is what I know them for. VN's aren't my thing either, but the few ones that I've read have always stuck with me.

For gaming, I use:
-Nintendo Switch
-Wii U
-PS Vita

I'll usually play anything except sports and racing games. Anything that's not Burnout, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Grand Turismo aren't getting played lol

The Switch, PS4, and my laptop are my main gaming units at the moment.

Hey, it's nice to see another Valkyria Chronicles and Trails fan! I had a feeling because I saw Selvaria on your profile banner. I'm so hyped for Trails of Cold Steel 3 this year! I actually bought CS3 back in 2017. Finished it too, all in Japanese and I honestly didn't know what the hell was going on lmao Are you anticipating DMC5?

Maximillian looks cute and he reminds me of one of my gramma's cats, a Burmese named Fidel. I love that sandy coat of fur and Delaray's eyes are lovely. They look almost exactly like my cat's eyes.

You are the first cat owner I've met who has competed in a cat show. It's usually dog shows, but not the other way around. I'm guessing they inspect manners, control, appearance, and movement as well?

As for my RAH's, I have Miho Nishizumi, Nero/Saber Extra, and Saber from Fate/Stay Night.

I've kind of liked Miho's somewhat androgynous looks, Nero is my FAVORITE character in the Fate universe, and Saber was sort of a collection piece. They have good movement but their wrist joints feel very dainty, and their clothes can get in the way of arm articulation.

Fate is an odd series for me. Despite all these other big name animes with ensemble casts such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Death Note, Akame ga Kill, One Piece, Fairy Tale, Evangelion, Kill La Kill, Jojo, Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan- what else? It's one of the few shows that's really interested me outside of the show.

I like the concept of known historical figures duking it out, the Master/Servant dynamic, the battle royale setup, and the impractical "anime as hell" designs.

-Saber's arms would be too front heavy.

-Archer's outfit, while very cool and Dante-esque, will severely limit his arms and legs.

-Caster's tunic has no way to support her breasts properly and provides no protection whatsoever.

-Scathach's bodysuit looks so alluring yet cheap at the same time with all the studs and varying materials; they look hurriedly stitched together.

-Jeanne D'Arc's armor probably slices against the bottom of her bossom and doesn't cover her abdominal area...

-Shielder's boob armor isn't reinforced as it looks, and her legs are barely protected while running around in 15cm heels. The poor thing...

Yeah, I know, I know. Complaining about character designs in anime is like complaining about water being wet.

Lastly, for photography, picking a colored background that suits the character would be appropriate. For example, Milk Tea. He'd look great on in a background set in the backstreets of Paris or perhaps a walkway due to his fabulous and chic design.

I saw a Jeanne Dolfie for around $780 and the price scares me. It's a doll. A PREMIUM brand doll, but it's the value I question.
1 maand(en) geleden
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Ohhh it's fine. I like meeting new people. You actually read my bio? Well, I'm touched haha

About my cat, she's very sociable and is very comfortable around people, and usually, with other cats. There are times where she wants a lot of attention and often meows, even when she's in front of me. Other times, she likes to cuddle up and rub herself against me. She'd even jump up on my desk and perch on my keyboard or laptop just to say hi Haha

If she's not hankering for attention, she occasionally wanders off somewhere outside to explore or to hunt. She'll even bring home what she catches home sometimes, usually insects.

Feature wise, she has dark copper eyes, the insides of her ears are white, short snout and short haired.

Overall, Olivia is a very energetic, lively cat.

Burmese cats are related to Bombays? Interesting... Some of my family members have Burmese cats as pets. How are your cats?

As for dolls, I have thought about getting more jointed dolls but I'm really picky with their looks. I have three Real Action Heroes dolls and they do feel like giant action figures but with clothes on.

However, owning a Dolfie is also part curiosity, and part prestige. There are a couple of character that Dolfie has actually! Jeanne D'Arc from Fate, and KOS-MOS from Xenosaga.

Ahhh, it's your partners. 18-55mm, I definitely know that one! That's the lens that usually comes with the camera.

As for photography, did you mean shooting tips? Camera recommendations?

Well, good lighting is always a good start, especially if you want to showcase a figure. A more "zoomed" in lens such as a 50mm and above is great for headshots and portraits work.

You can also try doing portrait work with wider angle lenses such as 35mm of lower but the takeaway is, those kinds of lenses causes distortions 8fused up close. Faces will look stretched and bigger than usual.

For single subject photos, focus solely on the subject. Try to use colors or props that don't take away from the subject, but also add something interesting to the photo.

For group shots, try not to make it too wide and have an interesting background. Wide angles tend to make everything look bigger than they actually are.

Are you a fan of Fault Milestone by any chance?
1 maand(en) geleden
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
G'evening and thanks for the response! Like I said, you showed off a nice doll collection. How often do you dust them?

A year, huh? That's pretty good, considering some of the prices I saw for them. Which one do you like most out of them?

Both Mill Tea and Latte are beautiful, but I like Tea a bit more. I like his intense looking eyes, bobbed hair, and stern mouth.

I've been meaning to get a doll, particularly a Dolfie of a character that I like just to see what it's like to own one.

BTW, Canon 70D? Great camera and I used to own one myself. What lens do you usually use for it? Sorry, I'm kind of a gearhead and I get curious on what people use.
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