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A friendly guy who dived late into anime figure collecting
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Welcome to my page!

I'm Architect and designer, fallen in love with Japanese pop and traditional cultures, enthusiast of mangas, animes, and of course, figures.
I started collecting in late 2018 with GSC's figure of Kurisu Makise, the very first character that attracted me to the rabbit hole that is figure collecting.

I am always glad to meet new people in this friendly community so, feel free to talk!
Sorry if I make some english mistakes.
~~~~~~Best shows: Steins; Gate and Evangelion

Best characters: Kurisu Makise, Rintarou Okabe and Asuka Langley.
Yeah, I love tsundere's with red hair!
~~~~~~My collecting rules, to stay as picky as possible:
- Focusing on scale figures, from 1/8th to 1/6th
- Only figures of characters I know and I like
- Only one figure per character, except for a few favourites
- Focusing on figures faithful to the character's appearance in the source material or on the official arts (with some exceptions if I love the design)
~~~~~~Next to anime figures, I also own some models of vehicules from french/belgian comics, lithographs, aircraft desktop models, Art Deco objects and film cells.
~~~~~~One of my favourite pictures, just for fun: Asuka as a Race Queen next to the 1953 Ferrari Arno XI Hydroplane.





Yae Sakura, Mandarin Gown ver., Apex, Honkai Impact 3rd

Holy Grail, finally owned:

Toujou Koneko, High School DxD Born, Pulchra

Coming very soon or on the way2

Nekopara - Vanilla - 1/6 - China Dress Edition, STD Ver. (Alphamax)Nekopara - Coconut - 1/6 (Hakoiri Musume)

Instant pre-order when available5

Having a look22





Characters I hope a scale figure of:
(or something different than what exists)



Thanks so much, I will!
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ElusiveShadow Phantom Thief
Haha, I understand. Not every show can be a winner I guess!

I've heard great things about Attack on Titan, although it's not a show I plan on watching anytime soon. In any case, enjoy it!

Thank you! Her name is Makoto Niijima, and she is my absolute favourite character/'best girl' from my favourite video game (the aforementioned Persona 5 Royal). ^_^


Bye for now!
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ElusiveShadow Phantom Thief
Apologies for being so slow with my response!
I'd have to say that the one of Asuka is my favourite - she looks really badass!
Oh, no worries. I've always been into gaming and it's one of my favourite hobbies, but I guess it isn't for everyone. ;p
How is Fire Force? It looks quite good from what I know.
Thanks. I tend to drag out animes which I enjoy a lot, haha (not wanting them to end).
Your collection just got a whole lot more sexy with Rias joining! Haha. I hope you're satisfied with the figure of her.
Perhaps I'll be able to secure a Rias for my collection without breaking the bank... xD

Take care!
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ElusiveShadow Phantom Thief
You're most welcome!
And thanks a bunch for the birthday wishes! ;)
I certainly wouldn't think you are inexperienced just by looking at them, as they really are superb! I sometimes sketch in my free time and also use images as reference for my drawings, but they're nothing to the level of your work, hehe.
I take pride in having a presentable profile, so your compliment means a lot. Well, I did complete Persona 5 Royal (my favourite video game ever) the other day and I'm currently quite into this anime called 'The Future Diary', but that's the usual for me - games and anime! Oh and I also started playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake yesterday. What about yourself?
Not yet, though I have been watching episodes every now-and-then. The last episode I watched was the one where my favourite character, Irina, joined the rest of the gang. That Rias looks absolutely stunning! I must acquire a DxD figure or two someday. I do love that Yui, although I haven't decided whether or not I should pre-order her... >_<
Enjoy your day!
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I really hope the new movie can redeem the Rebuild franchise. The 2nd film was actually really good but then the 3rd one kind of ruined all of the story the previous one built up. I love seeing the characters in a new light but it feels like wasted potential at the same time. What's your opinion on the Rebuild films?

I read Furuba way back when I was still in middle school. I've forgotten most of the story though so the remake is still refreshing and nostalgic. The OST is especially great at making me feel the emotions of the characters ;^; The next season is the climax so I know it's going to bring the drama to the next level and I just can't wait.

Oh I remember looking at those TLR figures and thought they were really nice. I was surprised when I found out they were by UC because up until that point I had it in my head they were a terrible manufacturer. I really like the unique concepts of a lot of their figures so I hope they can keep improving from here on out. I just checked out the original colour variant and I think I like it even more than the other one. It's nice to see that they have fans of the original series in mind as well so it seems they're at least putting some effort into them!
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ElusiveShadow Phantom Thief
Wow, you have a truly outstanding profile page! To say that your art pieces are amazing would be an understatement, haha. You're super talented and I hope to see more of your work in the future if you plan to continue creating. Keep up the awesome effort, man ;3
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That would've been great if they developed Shinji and Asuka in that way. I guess Asuka's A.T Field is just far too strong :P Maybe one day Shinji can break it, hopefully in the upcoming movie that took a million years to release LOL

I get you. As you can see my collection is also primarily female. I started out collecting with the intention of having more balance between the genders but I sort of gave up when I saw how much more variety female figures had. They're all just so lovely ^^ Yeah, Kyou definitely has a dark backstory. I really like characters that have depth to them like him. Most Fruits Basket characters have really interesting backgrounds though and I'll admit a lot of them made me cry ;^; Isuzu definitely had the worst childhood and I just wanted to hug her. I really like Yuki as a character too but my main love goes to Kyou so I had to make the hard decision of not getting him. Maybe one day down the line I'll reconsider ;D

Wow they look amazing from what I can see! I can't help but feel that they're using the base to inflate the price though. And UC doesn't have the best reputation so I can understand why you're hesitant to pull the trigger. I steered clear of that manufactuer for a while but when I saw ITEM #946264 I started to reconsider them. They seem to use a lot of fancy photo editing to deceive people but I've heard they've improved these days and I really hope their Asuka and Rei turn out great for your sake!
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Characters like Cinnabar truly are the best! I also love it when a character like Phos tries to break their barrier and make them show their softer/fragile side.

Yeah it's very frustrating as a female collector that manufacturers don't think it's worth making figures that cater to our demographic. Of course I love female characters but it wouldn't hurt them to make more male or shoujo figures! There's definitely a market out there for it. They're practically sleeping on a goldmine lol. Haha you noticed my Kyou? I'm sure whatever you're thinking is correct :P

Chii is absolutely gorgeous in person! I just love how mystical and elegant she is which is exactly what I look for in a figure. If I had to nitpick I'd wish she had a bit more shading but this can be fixed by turning on her lamp base which casts natural shadows onto her. I definitely recommend, her sheer size can make a big statement in any collection. Chobits was also one of my firsts. I love everything CLAMP, as you can see from a few of my wishlist grails. ;D
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Your description of Phos has really convinced me to add them to my priority list! Thanks for that, it really swayed me.

Oh how could I forget Cinnabar! They'd make a gorgeous figure with their sparkly crimson hair. That GK is sooo pretty and it's a nice added bonus if you can receive it assembled and painted beforehand. I have a tendency to like obscure characters/anime so I know how it feels to not have many options ;^;

I also see that you have Isuzu as a desired figure. I'd give anything for more Fruits Basket characters to receive scales. I mean, Tohru doesn't even have a proper scale yet and she's the main heroine!
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Yahallo Defrosting Ice King
Delays are going to be something we are going to have to anticipate huh?
ITEM #872789 was delayed until February from January!
You are very talented my friend, keep up the good work!
The last Yui I got was ITEM #996210 back in November.
I think the next one that should come in is ITEM #998669 I can't wait!
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Your source for old and rare figurines!


Architect, furniture designer
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Steins; Gate, Neon Genesis Evangelion + rebuild, Chobits, GTO, High School DxD, Food Wars!, Darling in the Franxx, Akashic Records, How to raise a boring girlfriend, Bunny girl senpai, Accel World, A silent voice, Houseki no Kuni
All about Architecture and Design, various mangas, French and Belgian comics (especially Universal War)
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Black hair, Red head, Tsundere, Cat girls, chinese dress
Sony Nex-5
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