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''A genius who had everything would never understand... I just want to become myself.''-Kabuto Yakushi


https://i.ibb.co/c32kttj/Kabuto-orochimaru-serpent.pngHello, I’m Ren!As you can probably tell, I really enjoy Naruto. I especially love Kabuto, and the Akatsuki (especially Deidara and Sasori! I love them all to death though ♡). If you talk to me about Naruto, expect me to blab for ages about the Akatsuki. I didn't give myself the title of "#1 Akatsuki Stan" for nothing! :p
If I haven't already made it painfully obvious from my profile, my absolute favourite characters are Kabuto Yakushi, Sasori, and Deidara. Other characters that I really love are Alois Trancy (Kuroshitsuji), Konan (Naruto), Karma Akabane (Ansastsu Kyoushitsu), Okido Green (Pokemon) and Matsuri Mizusawa (Citrus).
I've recently stumbled my way into the world of doujin collecting and collect media for the following pairings: xClose SpoilerNARUTO
❥ Sasodei (Sasori x Deidara)
❥ Hashimada (Hashirama x Madara)
❥ Kakuhida (Kakuzu x Hidan)
❥ Kisaita (Kisame x Itachi)
❥ Orokabu (Orochimaru x Kabuto)
❥ Sasunaru (Sasuke x Naruto)

❥ Karmagisa (Karma x Nagisa)
❥ Namelessshipping/Originalshipping (Red x Green)
❥ Shokuheshi )Shokudaikiri x Hasebe)
I've got a bunch more ships (esp from Naruto) that I wish had more content, but none of what they have at the moment appeals to my taste :') can someone please make some Narugaa stuff. PLEASE.
I have yet to add all of my doujins to the database because of my lack of Japanese skills so my media count is not accurate ^^;

FavsClose Spoiler
Alois TrancyDeidaraGreen Okido ‖ Goku Black ‖
Kabuto YakushiKarma Akabane
Sasori ‖ Shokudaikiri Mitsutada ‖ Yohioloid ‖
Konan ‖ Leaf ‖ Luka MegurineMatsuri Mizusawa
‖ Misa Amane ‖ Taiga Aisaka ‖ Temari ‖ Tayuya ‖

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http://pa1.narvii.com/7086/145cfdaf1717880230357a57dec947a87b37e24cr1-500-318_00.gifquick reminder that i love this loser
Priorities Forever
♕ Kabuto Yakushi ♕ Deidara ♕ Sasori ♕

TV serie(s)
Favourites: Naruto, Death Note, Pokemon, Free!, Dragon Ball, Black Butler, Assassination Classroom
Favourites: Naruto, Haganai, Death Note, So Cute it Hurts!!, Owari no Seraph
Pokemon, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Project Diva f 2nd, Dragon Ball FighterZ, DN: Poisoned, Dragon Ball Legends
MOE Punt(en)
glasses, odd eyes, messy/interesting hair, smug+cocky attitude, manipulative behaviour
VOCALOID, Pokemon OSTs, the freaking Naruto soundtrack shkshk






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That's sad to hear, are the new characters really that unlikeable?? xD I will still give it ago, but if it is really that bad I will probably drop it.

I will try and watch Assassination Classroom again then!
I am watching a lot of anime at the moment so I will shorten it down xD My favourite currently airing anime at the moment would probably be Kimetsu no Yaiba. It has been so good so far, I am looking forward to the rest of it! Hora, Mimi ga Mieteru yo! Season 2 is also a good anime, It's so cute and fluffy :D I am glad that it got a second season, If it didn't though I would have just read the rest of the manga. RobiHachi and Sarazanmai are also pretty interesting! Sarazanmai is definitely a bit weird though xD I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I think I will keep watching it. I have also been watching Namu Amida Butsu!: Rendai Utena, I really like it beacuse it is so much like Touken Ranbu :D It isn't as good, but I am interested to see what happens since it has a bit more story to it than Touken Ranbu.

I also want to watch Bungou Stray Dogs 3rd Season and One Punch Man Season 2! Although I'm a bit worried about watching One Punch Man 2. It's getting so much hate at the moment, I might wait until more episodes have come out :D I will also be watching Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 when that comes out!

What series are you watching?? :D
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I know xD At the time I didn't know what to watch first, so I just started to watch all of them :D I think All Out is really good, it is my favourite sports anime so far! Haikyuu is also good but personally I feel some of the matches are a little to long. When they have a swimming competition in Free it usually lasts about 15-20 minutes. The rugby matches in All Out last about an episode. In Haikyuu though one match can last two episodes or more xD Haikyuu is defiantly more about the sports than other anime, so if you like that I think you will enjoy it!

I do feel a bit sorry for Sousuke, but I still don't really like him xD I have finished season two. It was nice that we got to see Haru's emotions a bit more :D I still haven't watched season three yet, it will be sad to see the team changed but I will still look forward to the new characters!

I noticed that you like Assassination Classroom. I watched a bit of it a while ago but then for some reason dropped it. Do you think it would be worth watching again?? :D
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I have read your Kabuto Yakushi's birthday post. You have so much stuff of him it's amazing! I can't believe you have even more then that now xD I'm glad you have managed to collect so much merch of him. I will look forward to your next post! I will keep an eye out for your ita bag pictures too :)

Unfortunately I am not completely up to date with Free! For some reason I decided to watch Free, Haikyuu and All Out at the same time. So now I'm trying to finish All Out first since it is the shortest :D But from what I have watched I would have to say Nagisa and Nitori are my favourite characters. Nagisa is just a little ray of sunshine and Nitori is so cute and hard working, it's hard not to love them <3 I also wasn't to keen on Makoto when I first watched it for some reason, but now he has defiantly grown on me and is now one of my favourites! My OTP are also MakoHaru and ReiGisa. I'm not a fan of Sousuke either. Maybe if I watch more episodes I will like him a little more :D
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It's fine xD No need to say sorry! I hope you enjoyed your trip :)

Maybe I will watch Naruto then. It does seem interesting :D

I'm glad you like Snake too! I am up to date with the anime but not the manga. There are so many spoilers though that I basically know most of the stuff that happens xD Oh well I will still look forward to reading it. The anime is so different to the manga though, it will be interesting to see what happens :D

Haha don't worry about rambling, it is hard not to when you talk about your favourite characters xD They all look super cool! It makes me want to watch the anime they are from :D I have read up on Kabuto's character and he seems super interesting so I don't blame you xD Your shelf must look awesome! Sasori and Deidara look like such a cute ship ^-^ I think the ita bag will look fantastic.

I haven't watched Dragon Ball, but it does also seem interesting. I probably would have watched it if it had been on TV when I was younger :D The first anime I ever watched was Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. Unfortunately I don't really have any merchandise from the series, but I do have a Dark Magician Girl prize figure. The figure is not from the correct series but she is still in Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, so I say it still counts xD

I would say The Promised Neverland is worth watching :D I haven't managed to watch all the episodes yet, but I think it deserves the hype it's getting. I think you can pretty much judge if you want to watch it or not by the first episode, but I personally think it's pretty good xD It's a shame the figures don't look that great though,I'm hoping the prize figures might look a little better.

I noticed you like Free! too :D Who is your favourite character?? :)
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and btw, I dislike sasusaku as much as you do. Its promoting serious abuse. As I didnt finish the serires, I have no idea how they ended up together, but still with their history.. this is how I see it

Sakura: Yeah, he never cared about my feelings, he hurt me, he even wanted to murder me, but love is love!

Sasuke: This dumb bitch. Im just getting her pregnant to continue the Uchihas..

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oh wow, i didnt know kishi wanted sasunaru too, that makes me happy haha xp. And even though my ship is Naruto x Gaara, narusasu makes the most sense. I mean come on, they love eachother and Naruto made a life mission just to bring Sasuke back. And they fight well together too. They were even eachothers first kiss, even if accidental..

Girl, just jump into Code Geass the anime. Its only 2 seasons long (plus the new movie being released that is the final act for the series) and is paced very well. Theres no prior knowledge needed. Just watch the canon series Code Geass and then Code Geass: Lelouche of the Rebellion. It took me a while to get into it too, because I had seen it as just a mecha anime, which Im not a fan of that genre. But its so much more than that.

And yeah, they compare Light and Lelouche because theyre both master manipulators, intelligent, and betrayers lol. Sociopath squad lol

And yay, Im really glad to hear youll add Samurai Champloo to your watch list. It truly is a gem, a masterpiece. Ive watched it about 5 times in my life, and every rewatch is a blast haha. The characters, music, and adventurous nature of the show is awesome, Ive never watched a series that blends all its elements so well. It mixes the edo period of japan with modern times especially hip hop culture. Even the character Mugens fighting style is a mix between some sort of samurai/martial arts and break dancing lol. Im sure youll enjoy it. And unlike Naruto, they end it right where its supposed to :) Sad, but satisfying.
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Ah yep, naruto/boruto sucks now. Kishimito is just being ultimately greedy at this point. By that I mean, he's milking the series and making shit content even though he could've ended it well and called it a day since he's already a billionaire anyway -_-. Foreal, Naruto should've ended when they brought sasuke back and he became hokage. I mean those were the whole 2 drives of the series, his ultimate goal to become hokage!

Naruto was my first anime, and I was thoroughly obsessed with it from the age of 5 until the age of 13. But then my interest faded and I never finished the series :/ honestly when I get the time I wanna rewatch it and skip the hundreds of fillers, and watch it until the point he becomes hokage ♡

My favorite series as far as anime/Manga go are: Death Note, Code Geass, Dokyuusei Classmates, Hide & Seek Manga (by Yaya Sakuragi), Hidoku Shinaide, Love Stage the manga, Kaiji Ultimate Survivor/Against All Odds, Ten Count, Bleach, His Favorite manga, Kuroko's Basketball and my number one favorite series ever: Samurai Champloo ♡

My favorite characters inculde Mugen(champloo), L, Ichigo Kurosaki, Itou Kaiji, Kuroko Tetsuya, Kagami Taiga, and despite all I said earlier, Naruto Uzumaki will forever be one of my favorite characters haha. He's just stuck in my heart c:

And yeah Black Butler was super popular back in the day, me and my middle school best friend enjoyed it too. Did you watch all the seasons?

Also, did you know the original concept for Black Butler was gonna be yaoi??? The editor suggested to change it though so that it would become more popular. I personally wish she would've pushed on with her original idea and made Black Butler yaoi haha
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Thank you! I hope I can get him too xD

I love all the Touken Ranbu characters. I really would like to get more of there figures but there are so many to choose from it's hard :D I think Nakigitsune and Hotarumaru are next on my list though.

Deep Sea Girl Miku looks gorgeous! She doesn't even look like a real figure :D
Unfortunately I have never gotten around to watching Naruto. There are just so many episodes its a bit daunting xD Your Gaara figure does look really cool though! I especially love his eyes.

I would love to collection more merch of Sayo! He is just so cute ^-^ Also Snake from Black Butler, but it's so hard finding merch of him. I will get some one day though xD

What about you?? :)
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Hey! I brought him from toranano (spelling?) a few years ago. The chain hole that holds the chain sadly broke. I don’t know if they still have him but maybe yahoo auctions or mercari?
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Hello! Thank you for accepting my friend request :)

I love your collection! So jealous of your Aoba figure xD

I would have to say Akari Taiyou is my favourite! I thought I could never get her so I bought her nendoroid, but then I got her figure as a gift from my parents for Christmas so its extra special. But my Sayo Samonji nendoroid is very close to my heart because he is one of my favourite characters :D

And my favourite anime is Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens! Unfortunately no figures for it yet so I will just have to wait and
see :D

What's your favourite figure?? :)
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