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Your welcome.
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hey gibst du die PRe order von Saber noch ab? ITEM #604495 und falls ja hast du mit TL bestellt?
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Yeah, "Jeanne" and "cute" are basically synonyms. I saw her a lot during last World Cup and immediately thought "This lass is going in my profile right this instant".

Thank you, I really like the historical person, so that's kinda easy giving him cool nicknames. What wasn't so easy was getting him in F/GO... Goddamn, did that dude was hard to get! But one of my rules for F/GO is "Do everything in your power to get your favorite Servants (be they from Stay Night, Zero, Apocrypha...) and just go with the rest, maybe you'll grow attached to the ones you'll get". When I saw the Emperor was a Servant with an awesome design and class (albeit he'd have also been great as a Rider with the Grande Armée), I knew what I had to do...

As of now, I think Cosmos in the Lostbelt has been really good, Servant design-wise: Anastasia, Ivan, Salieri, the Valkyries and Napoleon are top-tier, and even though I'd have prefered Scáthach-Skädi to simply be Caster Scáthach, her design is awesome. Hell, even Surtr is fucking great (we really need him as a Servant, I don't care how but it'd be a waste to leave him as a final boss). Sigurd, on the other hand... To say I consider his design to be utter garbage would be an understatement. I knew I was going to be disappointed, but still... They could (and probably should) have used Siegfried, damnit! Götterdämmerung is a German name, it would have been perfect, and it would have allowed him to shine, he deserves it.
Thanks, history was one of my passions back in school, and still is now. European history is so cool, with countries that're recent in their current form (be it political regimes, borders, names...) like Germany and Italy or old ones that barely changed through the centuries like France or England.

Genderbending (only from male to female but never the other way, how "funny") historical figures to make them Servants is, at least to me and to be perfectly crude, pure unfiltered shit wrapped in AIDS floating in a pool of liquid cancer. To be honest, I tend to avoid genderbent Servants like the plague, even though some are cool, their fanservice-y "nature" irks me greatly.

As for historical figures, there are so many that would make awesome Servants, the choice is wide, to put it mildly. Apart from some French I designed for a tabletop session (I can tell you more if you want), I'd kill for Odysseus as an Archer with a skill akin to Presence Concealment and the Trojan Horse as one of his NP, Jason as a Rider with the Argo as his NP (but sadly, F/GO made him a cunt, and I won't forgive them for this heresy), or one of my favorites, Aleister Crowley as a Caster with a design like his human self in Requiem, Chevalier Vampire (or Requiem - Der Vampirritter in Germany) with Aiwass as his NP. The Salem sub-singularity would have been the perfect time to introduce him. Oh well...

Indeed. I'd have really liked if there was a "pure" meganekko in LL Sunshine, Cinderella Girls and OG Aikatsu. Thankfully, there's sweet Ritsuko in OG Im@s.

And it's even more depressing when you browse Pixiv for fanarts of him... There are a few good things, but that "habit" of depicting him as a wimp/doormat gets old really fast. Is that too much to ask to have him as the badass he's supposed to be and have him be the dominant one for once?

Thanks, I like to put a few lewd metaphors and sex jokes here and there, it doesn't hurt anyone.

Not gonna lie, I almost facepalmed when I saw that scene, and had to refrain the need to shout "What the fuck are you doing?!"
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Hi :) Ich glaub du bist sogar die erste Münchnerin, die ich hier treffe :D Ich selber wohn aber in Erding, nicht München. Hab es nur reingeschrieben damit Leute es zuordnen können ^^ Schöne Sammlung übrigens! Schön kompakt, und doch bunt und vielseitig. Bist wohl Riesenfan von Nozomi was xD
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Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag XDDD
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Happy birthday to you, lass!
6 maand(en) geleden
Happy Birthday!
6 maand(en) geleden
No worries lass, I am a very patient guy. Good to have you back, though.

Thanks. I totally agree the Emperor looks rad and bro as fuck, so his nickname shall be Nabroléon or Bronaparte. Indeed, probably one the good points to be from a country with an history with japan, I guess. To tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind more European Servants that aren't only from France (although I had ideas for a Holy grail War with nothing but French Servants, I probably still have my notes around) or the UK (basically Knights of the Round Table and Celts). Germany, Spain and Italy would also be sick: imagine El Cid as a Saber or Rider, Lucrezia Borgia as an Assassin or Friedrich II as a Caster. Hell, just taking a look at the busts that are kept in the Walhalla in Donaustauf really makes you realize how much potential Servants there are in Germany.

The thing is, Rin gets on my nerves really fast but I really like Hanayo. I only wish she'd have kept her glasses more.

GO's version of Siegfried is still responsible for the "Sumanai" meme which made him kinda look like a useless moping dude. I agree with you that it's still "better" than his Apocrypha self, though. As for Jeanne, Higashide chose to write her basically like Arthuria, basically the "waifu" of the MC, "lusting" for her love interest's "sword". Talk about an unforgivable fault, when she could have been a true neutral arbiter... But yeah, she blows Seibhurr out of the water any day of the week.

I only read the English fan translation, and there's especially one thing I remember that the anime fucked up. When Jeanne first meets Karna and Siegfried, they talk to each other using their class name (Ruler, Lancer of Red, Saber of Black). In the anime, they just use their True Names, which is abysmally stupid, considering that keeping your True Name secret is serious business in the Nasuverse.
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Oh yeah, down with Seibhurr, all hail the Holy Maiden!

Regarding the best µ's girl, I'd be hard pressed to choose one, seeing as almost every girl is cool and thus a co-best girl. The one I'd brand as "worst girl" would be Rin without hesitation though, mainly because her "I'm a cat, nya~" gimmick really gets old pretty fast (kinda like Miku in Im@s Cinderella Girls).

To tell you the truth, I'm kinda salty about Siegfried: "thanks" to F/GO and the Apocrypha writer, he's been reduced to some kind of meme/loser. I mean, an awesome hero such as him didn't deserve such a fate, becoming the butt of many jokes, killing himself so that cardboard cutout Sieg could live... I will never forgive Higashide for that heresy/blasphemy.

In fact, he did so many things wrong with such an awesome concept (but that was kinda doomed from the start, since it's basically impossible to developp so many characters equally) it's just sad. Truly an exemple of wasted potential.
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Hello there.

Sorry I took my damn time, but I wanted to thank you for the FR, fellow Fate (in general) and Jeanne (in particular) fan across the Rhine.

That's a really nice collection you have there, and you have great taste regarding µ's (can't really say no to sweet Non-tan).

What's your opinion on the Fate version of one of your greatest national legends, good old Siegfried?
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