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Megane dai suki (*´∀`*)
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JCLC spaghetti-sama
Adilisia8 jaar geleden#1193614She is too big and expensive~You must have a large cabinet,hah. fully cast-off(//∇//)

Haha! Too many sexy figures and not enough room D:
8 jaar geleden
JCLC spaghetti-sama
Adilisia8 jaar geleden#1190409I can't agree with you more,they are so sexy and completely different from something white.And if you want to buy another one,I think Villetta Nu is really a good choice(・ω-*).

Oh wow, she is really pretty. She has such a nice body shape. I also like Arshes Nei, she's fully cast-off! (。♥‿♥。)
8 jaar geleden
JCLC spaghetti-sama
Adilisia8 jaar geleden#1188667After getting muramasa,i bought two other dark-skin girls_(:з」∠)_.The magic of muramasa,your photo is also attractive!Nice shot(*>ω<)

Thank you :3 dark skinned girls are so sexy! I want to buy some more too hahaha!
8 jaar geleden
JCLC spaghetti-sama
Thanks for the f/r! Glad you liked my photo of Muramasa :)
8 jaar geleden
貌似只有泳装PVC化了吧?老物不好入了呢Adilisia8 jaar geleden#1093322眼缘上维蕾塔了。。求救命
8 jaar geleden
lulu本命!!C女王最高!Adilisia8 jaar geleden#1089393哇!郁坠收了哈多鲁鲁修的东西啊。
8 jaar geleden
Adilisia8 jaar geleden#1088138i love your collection of Tsuruya,and my first figure is tsuruya-san!
She's lovely, right?
You've got a lovely collection, I really envy your Momohime (I can't wait until November for her) and your Tsuruya-san petit!
8 jaar geleden
Adilisia8 jaar geleden#1087325Next time I want to take a picture for her~~~Wish you like it(o>ω<o)

Hello new friend! ^^ Oh, it could be very nice, if you take a picture of her! ^^ I try to order Eila (Furyu) on November, she's so so so lovely! ^^
8 jaar geleden
Cute Nendoroid collection! I love Sphere and ClariS too^^
8 jaar geleden
Adilisia8 jaar geleden#1087310oh,i noticed you are a Finlander?So do you like Eila·Ilmatar·juutilainen from Strike Witches?I owned one figure of her and she is my favorite character。

Yes, I am from Finland. And yes, I LOVE HER. I am very very proud of her, Finland love anime! Yippee! ^^ Oh, I want figure of her. And I know that I can buy her, but now I have so many figures what I want, that she can wait. ^^
8 jaar geleden
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Call of duty, PES
MOE Punt(en)
glasses,dark skin
Canon 600D


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