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This. Cannot. Continue.
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Do! Do! Do! Dreaming!... these will be mine one day.20



hey there! I know right?? I watched Future Diary/Mirai Nikki around when it came out and I remember me and my sisters had a full on obsession haha- I loved the first opening sO much- I never knew yuno had a figure tho o-o the price is goes for is insane though. I don't like Yuno that much, she annoyed me sometimes, I want an Akise or Uryuu figure though, OH IF ONLY AN URYUU FIGURE EXISTED ;(( I mean I wouldn't mind having that yuno figure though, it looks really good, but man that price makes me wanna cry, that yuno rah literally sold for like 2500 usd on YJA which is insane for a small figure- I also love HxH so much, I love kurapika so much and I need his figma, one day *_* I hope you also manage to get the figures you want ^__^

Stay safe and have a great day! Hope we can be friends :)) <3
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I like the Rebuild films because of their more modern style but regarding the content I have a slight preference for the original series. The characters are more likeable in the movies, more "human", which is not a fault of course, but I like the dark bias of the original series that shows the worst that humanity has, both in the script and in the characters IMO.

Sure that Fruits Basket 3rd season will be captivating. It refreshes the story well! I'm also impatient to see that, and how Tohru will free the spirits of the Souma family.

I also really like UC designs. They added a few very well done figures to this TLR darkness set recently, I think about ITEM #998286 and ITEM #945987.
Since they make a variant of the Evangelion set for Eva store I considered that the quality will be good and I went for it. It will be impossible to find later. I also like the fact that these ones being different, they will not be repetitive with the other Eva figures.
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AHHAHAHAH Now you've made me want Kaworu in streetwear with a moon base as a figure XD Like while they're at it, create one that looks like this cdn.m-upholding... Just give us another version and I'd gladly buy it! XD OMG RIGHT? The more I look at 9S's face the more it looks super weird and just... well... not him. I'm glad you're getting the standard version as well! So much money to be spent on things I wouldn't even display XD Yeah, the pod is all I'm regretting tbh. I wish they come along with both versions, so people can just get the pantless ones or something I don't even care about XD Hopefully, Flare will strike again and give us A2! So I can complete them without selling my soul LOOOOL

Agreed, Automata has that hack and slash gameplay that I absolutely love! I'm honestly kinda excited for it. I'm not even sure how it would be related to Nier or if it even is related or something. Nonetheless, the design already looks great! OMG EMIL YES LMAOOOOO I remember I kept trying to kill him just for the heck of it XDD
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Hii thanks for accepting my request :) Your collection is soo cool and i love the scales!! ^^
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Stumbled upon your collection and I love your username, and overall collection, so many beautiful scales ( ◠‿◠ )
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HAHAHAHHA I feel you XD I got that shaking feeling when I saw ITEM #872778 too and got super excited I checked everyday until when it will be available. And now the local shops are surely taking their time to open preorder but I have just been informed that later they will so I'm super excited! Omg are you getting the DX for 9S? I'm just getting the regular version to match my 2B XD Dude, with 9S here we have so much hope for A2 T_T WE NEED THE TRIO! since i cannot afford this ITEM #1051027 lmaooo

OMG YES! Is it gonna have the same combat as Automata right? I haven't played any other Nier except Automata XD
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I like your comparison with the AT field, I couldn't express it better. It would be great if this happened in the new movie. We'll see.

The dark background of the Souma family is revealed more and more and I think the third season has some good times in store for us. I haven't read the manga and you?

That original character figure from UC is beautiful. I own 2 figures of them from To Loveru and they are very well done.
Also this Eva set has just had an Eva store limited variant so, I guess UC have put in the necessary means to be up to the task. I hope. Thanks!
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Thanks for accepting! and OMG IKR!! I'm literally shaking just thinking about it XD I LOVE YOUR USERNAME <3 We can finally pair these pretties together I'm so excited! I hope they announce preorders soon TvT
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Yes, exactly! I would have appreciated a scene like that between Shinji and Asuka (I mean without so much hostility, and involving more effort from Shinji) but the barrers between those two seem undestructible. But this misunderstanding is the essence of the show after all.

Also, true about male characters. I understand your point of view. I admit that I only have one figure of a male character (and one or two wished). They are often left out and I'm sure those figures would be successful.
About Kiou, I meant he is the darkest character between him and Yuki. How is its quality? Didn't you also order Yuki?

Good thing about Chii. She looks great. Funny that Chobits was one of your firsts, I wish you to find your grails.

At the moment, i'm torn to order ITEM #872837 or not. The official pictures have just been unveiled. This set looks stunning but so expensive and there is still the risk of having QC issues. I'm so on the fence.
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Glad if it helped. I wouldn't praise you this figure if I wasn't convinced of its quality. As a Houseki no Kuni fan you won't regret.

I totally understand your preference for more obscure characters and your disappointment if no figure exist. That's why I enjoy Cinnabar so much: Their "inaccessible" side seduced me. And for the same reason I like the characters of Asuka in Evangelion and Isuzu in Fruits Basket.
How not to like their apparent strength but so fragile in reality?

So true about Fruits Basket. Do manufacturers find this series not "bankable" enough? Hard to believe. I could understand their reluctance about Isuzu (not popular enough I guess), but not about the heroine. Personnaly I'm not a fan of Tohru but I put myself in the shoes of her fans and that must be frustrating.
I see that you own Kotobukiya's kyou (I have a little idea why you like this character haha)

I see that you also own Chii by Hobby Max. How is she in person? Chobits is the series that brought me into anime/manga culture many years ago!
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The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.


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