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Finally finished unboxing all my figures and arranging them in my Detolfs. Here's a quick snapshot, will take more pics later in better lighting and after picking up a few baseball card cases for raisers.

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Your collection is amazing!!!
5 jaar geleden
I love your collection, mainly Tsukihime's collection. It's amazing 'w'
Nice job !
6 jaar geleden
Man, it hurts me physically how you have Panty but no Stocking.
6 jaar geleden
That looks amazing *-*
6 jaar geleden
PaleLightning M9000 is a trap
Wow, a very nice and beautiful setup dude.
6 jaar geleden
The cat is called Nemuneko ITEM #208637
I have a similar one from a con too.
6 jaar geleden
Every floor seems to have a theme/represent an anime serie in particular, that's nice !
6 jaar geleden
Stacked if you know what I mean ^^
6 jaar geleden
Beautiful collection !!! :)
6 jaar geleden
Awesome display and collection.
6 jaar geleden
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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