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good_smile_company hiroshi_(sakurazensen) mahou_shoujo_madoka★magica aniplex shaft ultimate_madoka

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My first attempt at a banner!

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LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
I love the colors and softness to this! Great job!
2 jaar geleden
Ooh, love the colours! So happy :3 well done~
4 jaar geleden
Raithos Stagnant
Damn, amazing!
6 jaar geleden
6 jaar geleden
its nice and clear
7 jaar geleden
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
Very pretty.
7 jaar geleden
The flowers in the background go very well with Ultimate Madoka.
7 jaar geleden
I see you have a big collection of figures. You should take more pictures!Tristain-san7 jaar geleden#1308109Thanks! <3
7 jaar geleden
Nightsparkle7 jaar geleden#1307918It's very nice! :)

Thanks! <3
7 jaar geleden
It's very nice! :)
7 jaar geleden