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About this picture

Welcome to my little corner~ (◕‿◕✿)
Recently re-organized since I had window cleaners coming (hence that screen and no window blinds), so this was a good chance to take some pictures. This is just my little alcove in the room, the rest of my condo isn't as cute.

Not much has changed about my desk from PICTURE #410067. Except more ponies, can you guess how many?The top has rainbow lights: i.imgur.com/vuB... Which I got for my not-yet-assembled detolf as well.
Next to my desk is a big ugly work table where I do craft stuff. Madoka and a gundam kit I've been neglecting are hanging out there along with photography stuff.

Giraffe. ♥
Right of that is my main wardrobe with all my dark trendy clothes - which is a big contrast across from my cute lolita stuff. PreCure shrine is in front of the lolita so it has a cute backdrop.

Berichten37 berichten

Love the top shelf above your desk. The flowers are such a lovely touch!
7 jaar geleden
it's adorable!!!!! *________________*
7 jaar geleden
OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
@Maestro - I think the giraffe could take them.

@Azukay- Nope.

@rowbutts - Oh wow, that is really cool! ^^ Saw it at a convention and knew I had it, first print I ever bought at one. It gets so many compliments, so make sure to tell them how awesome they are for me!

@Fychan - Haha, it's like a pink trap. You walk to the area and it's not that bad, then you look to the left and right and it's pink everywhere.
The layout of my top floor is a bit strange, so this is just a small nook of it. Here is the rest of the floor, not cute, haha~ img267.imagesha...

@Raithos - I'm not sure if it can handle more pink or ponies!
Just kidding, it will never stop.
8 jaar geleden
Raithos Stagnant
Not enough pink or ponies.
Edit: more required.
8 jaar geleden
as much as i'd like to arrange my computer table like yours, i'm always afraid that my cat might sneak up to my room and mess things up >"<
8 jaar geleden
awww ♥
8 jaar geleden
I love MLP too ! Awesome desk, awesome room !
8 jaar geleden
Nice Collection ^^
And nice Ponys ;3
8 jaar geleden
cool room. ^o^
8 jaar geleden
Goodness me, that must be a bit tedious to clean! ^^;
8 jaar geleden
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