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This picture is not suitable for people under 18.
I'm over 18Verberg
yellow_eyes orange_eyes lingerie yamato suspenders bra long_hair red_hair buttocks half_naked kousaka_tamaki fringe_bangs sif_ex french_doll to_heart_2_adplus

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Thank you :]!
I don't have any pictures of undressing her,sorry :/.
First you have to separate her legs and upper body, then detach her left hand. Next you can easily take off the skirt. To remove her apron you have to move it gently left and right and slowly pull it down at the same time. I didn't break any of the parts. Just be patient and take your time ;].
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Great pictures !

But i don't know how i can take over her dress ?!! It resit and i don't want to break it ! Have you some pictures wen you make this ?
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