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imacatloverimacatlover9 jaar geleden

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♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ Lalala~ Guess who's procrastinating on her homework~ *dances*

I probably can't get any more shojo than this~ Hee, and I wanted to add text, like welcome to MFC or something, but yeah, am I wierd for thinking that would be completly useless? I mean, if you're already a member and such... >w>;; IDK

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Great combination. Hideyoshi needs more love than he gets!
4 jaar geleden
My two favorite guys!
Trap and shôta <3 :D
4 jaar geleden
Is this the trap Hideyoshi from Baka & Test?
5 jaar geleden
hideyoshi @v@belletzx7 jaar geleden#1330581what's the name of other guy beside ciel??
6 jaar geleden
what's the name of other guy beside ciel??
7 jaar geleden
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