MarshuMarshu11 jaar geleden
resin rider fate/stay_night vispo katagiri_katsuhiro

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Wow.... the details on this figure is awesome. Would love to own one.
9 jaar geleden
Please, bind this picture to figure/18073
10 jaar geleden
Shiddo 一匹狼
PerVGreat pic! What anime is this character from?Rider from Fate/Stay Night
11 jaar geleden
Great pic! What anime is this character from?
11 jaar geleden
Thats rider)
11 jaar geleden
Nice shot!
11 jaar geleden
Lenneth the blue valkyrie
Blinks. No chick figures? How are you surviving I can't even find enough male figures to survive on! xD

But yes this rider does look very cool I'd love to own her
11 jaar geleden
wurpess GO GO DUMMY PINK!!!
I would totally make an exception to my "no chick figures" rule for that one. I love Rider, and that is just too awsm!! XD
11 jaar geleden
Whoaa!! Best Rider pose i've seen so far >.<
11 jaar geleden
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