nicetoastynicetoasty9 jaar geleden
kotobukiya the_big_o big_o the_big_o_one_coin_figure

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Kinda looks like Solid Snake along with the 'Show Time'.
3 jaar geleden
A w e s o m e
5 jaar geleden
Coolest looking banner I've seen in a long time :D
8 jaar geleden
WindsorSevenThis is great!
How'd you do it?

For the most part it's just noise + video + motion blur filters with different settings for each layer, then saved as a gif. Did some tweaking manually, but that's the gist of it.(In Gimp btw, so the filter names might be different in Photoshop.)
9 jaar geleden
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
This is great!
How'd you do it?
9 jaar geleden
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