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    Apr 03, 2020

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A diorama replicating Gilgamesh’s throne in the anime of Fate Grand Order Babylonia. The throne was designed on my own using anime screenshots & Aniplex’s version of Gilgamesh as references, then 3D printed and painted. The Gate of Babylon is a real solid object that appears to be floating with a custom designed supporting structure with lighting inserted. The supporting structure is conveniently concealed when the setup is photographed from certain angles. An actual levitation effect created from manipulating viewing angles instead of relying on photoshop.



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Woooow *o*
Amazing work, beautiful pic !! *clap clap*
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Very beautiful ! Good Job !
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As Lord Vader would say: impressive, most impressive. Great work as usual there, EXkurogane, and thanks for the BTS.
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Asphroxia Nightmare
amazing! and i love the bts shot
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Great stuff as always.
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