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About this picture

Yes, i like Nier;Automata.
2P is a GK, so her quallity is far from ideal (my painting skills are not great).

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As i made this photo (few weeks ago), sword wasn´t finished. To be honest i had a great problem to squeeze sword into her hand (resin is less flexible than PVC), so it just rest on her shoulder. Pod was also in the kit, but was too complex for me (about 25 tiny pieces), so i gave up...
Also, i recommend you to try some GK, it´s a lot of fun, even if the result is far from ideal :) I made 7 already, they are all a little ugly, but satisfaction is realy great XD
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Hey, it still looks good. Certainly way way wayyyyy better than how it would have turned out if I painted for sure haha! Does the kit not come with a sword?
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