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figma max_factory ayanami_rei evangelion_shin_gekijouban asai_(apsy)_masaki


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    Jun 25, 2011

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another figma rei on her bike and add some quick lights :P

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wow~ nice shots! :D me like~
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I must buy a bike for mi Rei Figma too >___<
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Pretty bad-ass, me liked it!
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Nice shot. So realistic.
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hypershiftuwaah~ Rei is soo cool ^_^ ~
shingoukiWow rider rei @_@

thank you ^___^
I just remember about my bike...I got an accident this morning, my bike kinda broken.. =___=
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Wow rider rei @_@
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uwaah~ Rei is soo cool ^_^ ~
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ObsidianGTOMFG! Is that Rei on a 1/12 Duc 1198? Why didn't I think of that?!

yup, it is n*wr*ay ducati 1198 1/12 ^___^
thx to Nakeruze that found it in a store and tells me
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nakeruzemakanya, kasi nilai tinggi ya buat aku! *kicep2*
LOL, krn yg ngicep2in cowo, jadi ga mempan XD

RyuumiGaroukuniYeah, Rei's plugsuit almost looks like a racesuit from here
yup, and I has another red ducati 1198 so I'll get Asuka for sure XD
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