地元愛♡満タン☆サマーライフFiguresLove Live

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    Jun 30, 2018

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Summer shoot inspired from the song, "Jimo Ai Mantan Summer Life" by You & Yoshiko from Love Live Sunshine.

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Nendoroid Summer Pool Party

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Berichten4 berichten

Now that is an awesome diorama. Seeing something pool-related when it's blazing hot outside is a godsent bliss.

And when it features my two favourite Aquours girls (I really wish we had more interactions between Yoshiko and You, the ED was such a tease), it's even better.
2 jaar geleden
Absolutely gorgeous!!
2 jaar geleden
Love your pool but this is even better keep up the good work (hobby)
2 jaar geleden
Rajke Ca Fanatic
Impressive and well build diorama. It looks very realistic. :D
2 jaar geleden