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    Apr 11, 2011
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About this picture

Haven't uploaded in a while. Had some free time so here it is. I'd like to make something with Gwendolyn sometime soon if I can get an idea.

Comments/suggestions are always appreciated.

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Berichten39 berichten

Very well done! Love that fairy tale look!
10 jaar geleden
I think the figure doesn't fit it.
10 jaar geleden
great great background for a very nice fig :D congrats!!
10 jaar geleden
*speechless* :O
10 jaar geleden
VisualFanfare Can't stop collecting!
Very nicely done - beautiful!
10 jaar geleden
nice!!!!!!! :)
10 jaar geleden
Very beautiful picture :3
10 jaar geleden
lil red riding hood but where is the wolf or am i the wolf? i wouldent mind to be the wolf for her

nice pic
10 jaar geleden
OMG .. this is absolutely stunning. O_O great work.
10 jaar geleden
Gorgeous picture, very nice choice of setting for the background. It definitely made me think of the game.
10 jaar geleden
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