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    Aug 01, 2017

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Country-style cafe set I made for Utaha, making her look like she will be meeting with someone.

Got the idea when I stopped by a Starbucks cafe with the same style. Mostly hand-made from scratch, with the exception of the chairs. Added some culinary-related anime posters as well.

Full album:
Saekano - Utaha Kasumigaoka - SEGA (Prize)

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Berichten18 berichten

Great work!
3 jaar geleden
Very well done!!
3 jaar geleden
SageGuy3 jaar geleden#24208870I've only seen a little of those 2, so I may be wrong here. But from what I saw, they took place in a restaurant, but actually had very little to do with the actual cooking. So I would not consider them to be cooking series. But if you want an even older cooking series, there is Cooking Master Boy.

From that perspective you are absolutely right. Old school equivalent would indeed be Cooking Master Boy and Mister Ajikko!
3 jaar geleden
This is amazing! Nice work.
3 jaar geleden
Wonderful !! <3
3 jaar geleden
take123 Bunny Farm
You can never get tired of those legs. Utaha best girl!
3 jaar geleden
I look at it and think you got the wrong Utaha. This one would have looked much better in that scene ITEM #287844 ( if one could ignore the fact that this was a cafe ) ^^
3 jaar geleden

Great job on the scene.
3 jaar geleden
Nice setup. It looks really great. I love the YOI menu. :3
3 jaar geleden
oh my god
3 jaar geleden