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    Jun 27, 2017
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    Jun 25, 2017 - Jul 01, 2017
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    Jun 2017

About this picture

Finalized set for this month's large-scale project.
Been building the store for a week, and took it to the lakeshore marina last weekend for the boats on the background. Had to do this one quickly as the wind was blowing like crazy and might blow away the set (notice the noren and curtains flying).

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lillyquin2 maand(en) geleden#79692411:0 how did you get the girls to stand by themselves like that?
Did you drill / create holes or pegs on the bottom board?
Yes, I used balsa wood as pegs and punched it on the ground.
2 maand(en) geleden
:0 how did you get the girls to stand by themselves like that? Did you drill / create holes or pegs on the bottom board?
2 maand(en) geleden
This picture is so good! It's like the perfect holidays for these three figures. And there are so many custom details. Plus I can't really tell what was really there and what was photoshopped in that's the work of a pro. Bonus points for recognizing Tommy Lee Jones as the boss he is.
1 jaar geleden
This is fantastic. It's one of my top favorite photos on this site.
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This is so cute! Congrats on Picture of the Month!
2 jaar geleden
This has to be the very best picture I've seen on this entire site. The colors complimenting each other as well as the figures, the perfect implementation of the background, the sense of place that's evoked...wow! Amazing work!
2 jaar geleden
this was very well done!
3 jaar geleden
Nice pic. I'm a big fan of ChikaRiko, You is also a big bonus...
3 jaar geleden
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
this picture makes me so happy!!
3 jaar geleden
Awesome! Great diorama with many details!
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