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About this picture

Just a quick photo to highlight differences between Alter's version (with cape) & Aniplex version (no cape)

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Sorry I can't help it

Which one do you prefer?

  • 76%Cape (Alter)
  • 6%No Cape (Aniplex)
  • 9%Why not both? Yeah I am crazy...RIP Wallet
  • 8%Cape probably removable (Alter)
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No need to think.
Cape or no Cape.
Alter>Aniplex and all.
That's all.
2 jaar geleden
Knowing Alter, the cape would be removable, and then Jeanne Alter goes to 2nd Ascension :v.
I trust Alter more than Aniplex (Alter clearly beats Aniplex in both quality and price).
2 jaar geleden
Recent Comments
i like capes <3 its so fancy
4 maand(en) geleden
Just take both :)
1 jaar geleden
(Removable) Cape ftw
2 jaar geleden
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