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    Jul 30, 2016
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Recreation of Sabers Noble Phantasm in FATE GO (: Hope you like it especially FATE fans!

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Cheers and thank you. Wet much :)babygerber3 jaar geleden#15852511Love it!
Pretty awesome effect!
3 jaar geleden
Love it!
Pretty awesome effect!
3 jaar geleden
Haha! (: kurisu_mikaru4 jaar geleden#13689800EKSKALIBAAAAA
4 jaar geleden
(: ptitange234 jaar geleden#13670472XD Excalibur !!!!!!!!!!!! *_*
4 jaar geleden
4 jaar geleden
awesomeinfigure4 jaar geleden#13668129Excalibur!!!
XD Excalibur !!!!!!!!!!!! *_*
4 jaar geleden
Thank you! I enjoy your Youtube videos! (: MikuNya4 jaar geleden#13668156wow! This is so amazing.
4 jaar geleden
wow! This is so amazing.
4 jaar geleden
Thank you so much! Have an awesome day! Super-Jupiter4 jaar geleden#13668108Just wow!! *^*
4 jaar geleden
Thank you!! (:Almina4 jaar geleden#13667958Congrats on POTD! This photo is amazing *^* the effects look so real!
4 jaar geleden
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