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cross purple angel explosion clouds rebuild makinami_mari_illustrious rainbow backlight evangelion_shin_gekijouban


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    Jan 21, 2011

About this picture

Rebuild of a scene from Rebuild of Evangelion!


Mari stares POTD in awe :D

Berichten13 berichten

very cool pic
7 jaar geleden
Almost spot on! <3 I can just hear her saying "Naruhodo~" xD
9 jaar geleden
*deeply deeply flattered*
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Dizeh ★ Rock Shooter
This is perfect. No other words required.
9 jaar geleden
Perfect... Ish so nice!!!
9 jaar geleden
VinnOk, now that's pretty dead spot on from the movie.

Actually, she isn't wearing the same plugsuit xP
9 jaar geleden
Ok, now that's pretty dead spot on from the movie.
9 jaar geleden
hive_destructionI love this photo.

Thank you :D I'm really happy with POTD!

DarkDreamerCara, muito foda. Parabéns.

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Cara, muito foda. Parabéns.
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I love this photo.
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