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    Jul 06, 2015
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    Jul 05, 2015 - Jul 11, 2015

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Absolutely beautiful!!!
4 jaar geleden
Beautiful picture!
5 jaar geleden
5 jaar geleden
Thanks everyone ^_^
5 jaar geleden
This is wonderful!
5 jaar geleden
Beautiful photo !!!!!! *o*
5 jaar geleden
Aw thank you very much ^_^ I love romantic and light things, and thought that since she is so delicate, she would look great among these things
DanteMagica5 jaar geleden#3139909I really enjoy photos like yours. It takes beautiful things from around the house and utilizes them in such a way that really is clever! The pastel colors really have a cohesiveness with the figure.
~Boudoir Birth of Venus~
5 jaar geleden
Thank you ^^ it's my favorite colors for photos. Light and romantic Xephy5 jaar geleden#3139831I love the colors on this one. c:
5 jaar geleden
Thank you ^^ Chizu-_5 jaar geleden#3139334Wow!
5 jaar geleden
Thank you ^^ I think she looks so pretty among those things!Yuinna5 jaar geleden#3139152Absolutely love this. <3
5 jaar geleden
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