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wow wow wow! О_О
4 jaar geleden
WOW, sooo impressive. Really nice work!!! O_O
5 jaar geleden
Ah,I read the comments below. Dammit,kinda regret that I didn't grab it when I had the chance :X KuraShiki5 jaar geleden#2586921Nice props! Where did you get that ??
5 jaar geleden
Nice props! Where did you get that ??
5 jaar geleden
excellent props!
5 jaar geleden
5 jaar geleden
Koneoko5 jaar geleden#2496649Awesome picture, love it! :D
Where from do you have those TV's?

Those TVs appear to be from the Batman: Arkham Origins Joker statue that was included in the US collectors edition.
5 jaar geleden
Kurisu-channnn! She looks so beautiful. ;_;
5 jaar geleden
Man this is just a really wonderful picture. Really brings out Stein's Gate
5 jaar geleden
Japan's #1 Collector Toy Company

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