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голосование за поправки в конституции РФ be like:
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What a plot twist
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my personal picture of the week! I love it!
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This made me smirk a little.
Would be even more hilarious if these were nendos, she had a ridiculous faceswap and were trying to stop a bunch of other nendos from buying them :3
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"So this is what you do with your spare time, huh?"
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AHAHAHAHAHA~.... I love it!
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4Arnd6 jaar geleden#2249114Did you make the magazines yourself?
Yeah. Just printed out some doujin covers at a small size and taped them to stacked pieces of cardboard.
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anime_addicted Beyond Obsession
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4Arnd 4ア一ンド
Did you make the magazines yourself?
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