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Fate/Zero - Blu-Ray - 1 (Aniplex)
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03/07/2012 As Standard
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700g, 13 afleveringen, 5 discs, 05:40:00, Region-free
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Comes with Soundtrack 1 CD & audio drama CD.
English subtitles.


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1 jaar geleden
Looking to buy it [The Aniplex USA version] which includes Sub English, spanish and Dub English, Japanese.
1 jaar geleden
Selling my copy (Original JP version), PM if interested! (Located in US)
3 jaar geleden
I received mine today along side Season 2! I finally found both as a set for a good price. Can't wait to re-watch it yet again. The box and it's contents are well worth the price.
5 jaar geleden
Heh. I was almost unable to justify buying this since I already have the BD rips anyway, but my Fate collection simply cannot be deprived of a $400 pretty box. Time to begin setting aside money for the second set.
8 jaar geleden
Still wish I could get this but I can't justify this cost for my tiny budget no matter how huge my love for exclusive boxsets and Fate/Zero is!
8 jaar geleden
Finally got mine in, and it's definitely the prettiest and fanciest box set I have ever bought. I'm digging the texture of the box and the cases that hold the BDs. Everything looks so nice and slick as hell! I'm also a bit disappointed that the extras were not translated, but give it a week or two and it'll be translated somewhere online.

All in all, it's a great release and it makes me anxious for the second season! *A*
8 jaar geleden
Mine arrived a little bit ago! Everything is made of such sturdy material, even the translation booklet. This is so much better than my thin cardboard box sets. SO HAPPY <3

The only disappointment is that there are no subtitles for the extras written by Nasu :/
8 jaar geleden
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