Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Sailor Neptune - Figuarts Zero chouette (Bandai Spirits)Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Sailor Neptune - Figuarts Zero chouette (Bandai Spirits)¥ Koop¥ Koop

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Sailor Neptune - Figuarts Zero chouette (Bandai Spirits)
Schaal & Afmetingen
H=160mm (6.24in)
Release date
09/24/2019 As Limited + Exclusive
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Orders via Tamashii Webshop can be placed from the 25th April 2019 at 13:00JST to the 20th June 2019 at 23:00JST.


In stock @ Otaku Square
For EU customers: (incl. VAT) € 83 | $ 99 | ¥ 10293
For Worldwide customers: € 69 | $ 82 | ¥ 8507

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In stock @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥7,000)
Brand New! => Sailor Moon - Sailor Neptune Limited Edition [Figuarts Zero Chouette]
-26.24% OFF / ~58.4 € / ~$68.87
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I bought Neptune used from someone and didn't realize the circular silver disc for the joint base with Uranus wasn't included. :'( If anyone is only planning on collecting Neptune and either has the disc for sale on its own or is interested in buying her from me, please let me know!
2 maand(en) geleden
In stock @ Figuya (109.90€)
2 maand(en) geleden
Selling her and Haruka (both MIB) for SGD 300 plus shipping. Shipping from Singapore. PM for more details!
3 maand(en) geleden
Bought Neptune and Uranus

Neptune looks good...a little messed up paint with tiara but Uranus has 2 black dots on her hair from the front and that's the only bummer. If buying it at lower price than originally listed I guess it's okay. Uranus extra bow is stained a little but forgivable.

*these are also pretty small. Like as big as my hand. Entire figure head fits within a quarter.
4 maand(en) geleden
Available for pre-order @ Anime NPC ($104.62)
Limited Offer: Product Page
◉ Shipping Worldwide
◉ Handle your order with care!
◉ 100% Authentic and Insured mail
7 maand(en) geleden
My figures arrived today (I'll get them at christmas). First look was good. Neptune has some slurry paint on her glove, some seamlines yeah. But overall she looks decent. Bandai-decent, but okay.
9 maand(en) geleden
For those who are thinking of buying them, but fear their quality: just do it. I just got mine and they are both fine, without major flaws. They do actually look way better than seen online on photos. I thought I would want to sell them, but now I am really happy to have them in my collection!
9 maand(en) geleden
just got them and, as usual, they're better in real life... Pics on web are awful.
Of course it's Bandai quality, but they're small so you don't notice some paint defects in real, even if you'll go with macro pictures.
Anyway I was trying to give away my preorders, so I still try to sell them, just for space/cut collection, so if someone wants, let me know
11 maand(en) geleden
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