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Rurouni Kenshin - Himura Kenshin - 1/7 (Max Factory)Rurouni Kenshin - Himura Kenshin - 1/7 (Max Factory)

Rurouni Kenshin - Himura Kenshin - 1/7 (Max Factory)
Schaal & Afmetingen
1/7  H=200mm (7.8in, 1:1=1.4m)
Release date
05/2019 As Standard
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Nia-kun (8 maand(en) geleden) #36874174I wish I could pre-order this, but I have the worst time separating the artist from the art (which isn't hard for me to usually do, but in this case, it's impossible for me). I guess that's why I'm still slightly baffled at the amount of people who still want him after everything.
At the end of the day, the lives of the children who were hurt by the mangaka matter more to me than my nostalgia. :\
Of course, no one is going to be stopped from ordering this, especially hardcore RK fans, but I hope everyone knows exactly where their money is going to.

I understand your point, and believe me that I don't like to say this things, but this kind of judging is not needed, everyone knows about what happened and can make their own decisions, you don't need to make them feel bad if they want to buy this figure.
8 maand(en) geleden
I understand if anyone doesn't want to support this figure, but don't be a dick to people that may. The love, Kenshin, the C H A R A C T E R itself. We've choosen to buy it because of him, no one's asking you to understand but,

If anything appreciate the craft itself, a sculptor DID THAT, a human being made that. The time and effort taken to make this piece shows as it's the best quality of a figure that the character itself has seen by FAR.

We're all collectors. And, just because someone collects differently than you do doesn't make them wrong.

Ted Talk ends there.
8 maand(en) geleden
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katsujinken (1 maand(en) geleden) #51470870China is selling a bootleg version on ebay. Wtf?!

Looks terrible!! But thanks for the info, I just uploaded all the bootleg pictures I could find so people would know the difference...
1 maand(en) geleden
China is selling a bootleg version on ebay. Wtf?!

1 maand(en) geleden
that pose and those eyes are so piercing
the only thing that bothers me is how bright
or red / orange his hair is. maybe it is just
the brightness of the pictures or contrast

but they did a gradient for his hair that
goes from red to orange
they should have either left it really dark
or lighter like the orange in the illustration
but that's just me

regardless this is a beautiful piece
will buy whenever he comes out <3

really really wished would give anything for
a SANOSUKE SAGARA figure!!! He is my favorite
from the series! <3

and the ladies from Rurouni Kenshin odafkjkdsfj
1 maand(en) geleden
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