Tentacle and Witches - Futaba Lily Ramses (Mouse Unit)Tentacle and Witches - Futaba Lily Ramses (Mouse Unit)¥ Koop¥ Koop

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ILeftMyBody1 jaar geleden#58018562She got a PVC release.
Yeah I'll probably buy the Bikyaku Misetsuke ver >_<
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Curado3 jaar geleden#23990114https://s26.postimg.org/xv89m5tfd/ezgif-2-e30d5bdfed.gif
At first, it was all sparkly and nice. You are happy.
Then one day, you find out about the "garage kit" and "limited to WF", and everything becomes one big horrible disappointment.

She got a PVC release.
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annie1 jaar geleden#45053160Looks like this might get a mass PVC production? imgur.com/a/ED3...
We can only hope.
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Looks like this might get a mass PVC production? imgur.com/a/ED3...
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ive been looking for a kit on every proxy but no luck
2 jaar geleden
I'm hoping for a pre-painted pvc version of this figure , I really like this Hentai I have also wanted a figure of Fubta Lily
2 jaar geleden
New version next WonFes twitter.com/aoi... , twitter.com/aoi... , twitter.com/aoi...
Seems to be version where she is standing and with different face.
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There's a few of these Mouse Unit GKs that were made into PVCs later on down the line. It might take another year, but I would still have some hope.
3 jaar geleden
I really hope a company decides to make a PVC afterall.
I'm so dissapointed right now...
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Nyaaa-3 jaar geleden#23921352It appears that it might not be more than a garage kit that will only be available at the MouseUnit booth at wonfes. According to the lilith-soft blog blog.livedoor.j...
Edit: the MouseUnit site confirms it mouseunit.jimdo...

I hope for a Pre-Painted Version coming in the future.
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