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Touhou Project - Hakurei Reimu - 1/10 (Hobby Max)Touhou Project - Hakurei Reimu - 1/10 (Hobby Max)

Touhou Project - Hakurei Reimu - 1/10 (Hobby Max)
Schaal & Afmetingen
1/10  H=240mm (9.36in, 1:1=2.4m)
Release date
04/2018 As Standard
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¥0 service fee until April 15th!
2 dag(en) geleden
LittleMissTina (5 maand(en) geleden) #42986205Selling mine from Germany for 130€ incl. shipping.
Worldwide shipping possible.

Are you still selling it and what platform are you using to sell?
4 maand(en) geleden
Selling mine from Germany for 130€ incl. shipping.
Worldwide shipping possible.

5 maand(en) geleden
Looking to buy, located in Australia. Pls throw me a message :)
6 maand(en) geleden
Harulina (1 jaar geleden) #31227198Giving up my amiami preorder 12.000+Shipping
Pm me

Is she in the US now? If so, I'd maybe be interested~
1 jaar geleden
She's a relativity small figure but quite detailed for such a demure size. The water effect of the base seems a bit muted in my opinion. I think the blue could have been done a little brighter maybe? When I first opened the figure her left shoe was detached from her foot. It stays on when reattached but could use a spot of glue. Also the magical smoke like effect that is coming out of the talisman she is holding in her left hand didn't quite line up together but I was able to manipulate it into place so it looks like it is coming out from the front of it instead of not even touching it at all. These minor things set aside I'm pretty happy though with her overall. The box she comes in is quite over sized and heavy for the size of the figure. I even thought that maybe AmiAmi sent me the wrong figure before I opened the shipping box. It is a really nice way she has been packaged though if you're into that sort of thing.
1 jaar geleden
1 jaar geleden
AmiAmi sent me a payment request and has it listed as released now.
1 jaar geleden
quileh (1 jaar geleden) #31777173Got another email from Amiami that she was delayed to April
1 jaar geleden
franjandar (1 jaar geleden) #31770867Do you know if she's been delayed again? Have you gotten a payement request or?

Got another email from Amiami that she was delayed to April
1 jaar geleden
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