Final Fantasy IV DS - Cecil Harvey - Trading Arts Mini (Square Enix)Final Fantasy IV DS - Cecil Harvey - Trading Arts Mini (Square Enix)¥ Koop¥ Koop

Final Fantasy IV DS - Cecil Harvey - Trading Arts Mini (Square Enix)
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12/2007 As Standard
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Selling the full collection (with original outbox) and with CID (the most rare) at 100 euros.
7 maand(en) geleden
SELLING THEM AT EBAY www.ebay.com/it...
1 jaar geleden
Still selling my full sealed set!


Willing to negotiate on pricing for the holidays :)

1 jaar geleden
Selling full set 100€. Tracked (international) shipping included.
1 jaar geleden
Selling my full set of FFIV TAm figures. Factory sealed window box plus Cid in blind box since he was only available that way. Please PM if interested :)

US only please.
2 jaar geleden
Are there bootlegs of this? I ordered a set from Taiwan and they all came in the individual opened blind boxes and they look pretty good to me but I'm still wondering? Ordering anything from Taiwan/Hong Kong/China makes me nervous.

I know there was that blister package set but it didn't include Cid, the set I bought did so it wasn't that. Was that the bootleg?
6 jaar geleden
I love this set of figures so, so much. Cecil's is my favourite though, the details on his armour are really gorgeous, especially on the back of the which was lovely in-game too :3
9 jaar geleden
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