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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Season III - Sailor Moon - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Season III - Sailor Moon - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Season III - Sailor Moon - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)
Schaal & Afmetingen
H=135mm (5.27in)
Release date
01/27/2017 As Standard
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Bandai: The reason behind making this variation, despite there being X variations of Sailor Moon Figuarts is...
2 jaar geleden
Yoruno (2 jaar geleden) #14241837Sailor Moon has become a Hatsune Miku for Bandai. Or a Saber Moon.
The difference is Saber and Hatsune have quality and intricate figures though. Saber Moon Just gets glossy shit.

The legend says ; For every Quality Saber figure, a dozen Sailor Moon action figures are born.
2 jaar geleden
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26 dag(en) geleden
am i the only one who prefers the matte finish on this figure to the pearlescent finish on the other shfs?
2 maand(en) geleden
I won't see her again until Christmas, but I was able to snag her from Toys 'R Us at around 30-40% off. Last one on the shelf, too. I've already got the first Figuarts Sailor Moon, but how was I to pass up an opportunity like that?
4 maand(en) geleden
Lazuli Sailor Muteki
Aaa~I finally have you. After searching for so long. I mean, I was focused on the exclusive SHF and Proplica releases for a long time. ^^;
Good thing this particular SHF didn't went up (too much) in prices.
6 maand(en) geleden
Finally got around to opening my Crystal Moon. Got her from HLJ after just a couple of weeks of waiting. I really don't have any major complaints. The quality control definitely seems better than the original Scout Figuarts releases. I adore her face and hair! She really does look much more streamlined and elegant in comparison to the original Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Moon. Not that the original releases are bad, it's just the Crystal design suits this style of figure really nicely. I also love the new sculpting for the skirt as it looks a little fuller and the matte appearance is a nice aesthetic choice.

The only weird thing that I noticed was the slightly molded belly button in the bodice. It's not really bad, it's more natural, but it just looks a bit weird. Otherwise I'm super impressed with the release! I know she doesn't come with many accessories, but she makes up for it in quality. I sold almost all of my Figuarts due to space constraints and a lack of interest. I'm only keeping Sailor V, Sailor Saturn, Crystal Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Moon and of the 4, Crystal Moon is definitely my favourite. (^^)
1 jaar geleden
I owned the first five when they came out and sold them due to the horrendous quality control. This one though seems like they've improved it and I think the crystal art translates better to figures than the original anime art. The style flows better, the sailor fuku itself is a bit less restraining to legs than previous. I really hope they continue the making the crystal series, considering they may never let any other company touch Sailor Moon we'll have to settle. :P
1 jaar geleden
straywind (1 jaar geleden) #20213362I honestly was underwhelmed by the original Luna. She doesn't have that much movement and she doesn't really stand up easily. I just kind of had her lean against Sailor Moon's leg. Too bad they didn't have a stand for her with the original Sailor Moon. It is a bummer to not get an updated Luna but thanks to the HLJ sale this Sailor Moon figure seems alright for the price. Happy that I could help you out with that sale notice! ^^ I hope she ends up being worthwhile!

So true! I had Venus/Artemis but gave up on him ever being able to stand on his own; I probably repressed that memory haha.
1 jaar geleden
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