Tiger & Bunny - Barnaby Brooks Jr. - Palmate Extra (MegaHouse)Tiger & Bunny - Barnaby Brooks Jr. - Palmate Extra (MegaHouse)¥ Koop¥ Koop

Tiger & Bunny - Barnaby Brooks Jr. - Palmate Extra (MegaHouse)
Schaal & Afmetingen
H=85mm (3.32in)
Release date
10/26/2016 As Limited + Exclusive
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Orders can be placed via Premium Bandai, Megatrea and Animate between the 1st July 2016 from 13:00JST to the 8th August 2016.


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3 jaar geleden
If anyone is selling Barnaby and Kotetsu as a set please PM me!
3 jaar geleden
I posted a ton of high res photos for people to judge before purchase.

Mini review:

His eyebrows are too bright of a shade and light. Generally official art gives his brows a darker shade than his hair, not lighter. Blondes generally have darker hair on their brows irl so such a bright color is a really terrible choice. I'm not even talking yellow like his hair already is, but this very bright and even more vibrant yellow. I could try and get a better photo of it if someone wants. The mouth looks pretty awful. I believe mass production with an open mouth causes it to just look like a tiny indent than a real mouth. Promos aren't nearly as bad as the final product. If anything the prototype looks better in the mouth. If you have the tools to fix his mouth to be wider/deeper (quite a few Japanese have done this) it looks much better and I intend to fix his mouth too. He also doesn't have nostrils and this bugs me personally so I'm going to fix this as well. (The 1/8th has nostrils if you wondered.) The tool is called a OLFA Hobby Saw or similar would work.

The base is pretty and quite large, but not practical. He is very heavy in his back/head area with almost no weight in his legs. This causes him to fall backwards with even the lightest touch to his shoes. During display, I'd sincerely recommend having something behind him (or against a wall, the display glass, etc) for cushioning if the shelf/case you stick him in were to be knocked into. Just the lightest bang to my shelf from a 4lb rabbit playing on my rug left him tipped over. If MegaHouse had thought to include some type of plastic clip you can slide and grip onto the base with a small vertical plastic piece to lean his back against, this problem wouldn't exist. I'm probably going to have a piece custom made to do similar to that.

Overall, he's better than most other Barnaby figures. Better than any of the prize figs of him, but obviously not going to live up to the 1/8th. He's pretty all right for what is a 5000y figure and unlike Figuarts Zero I don't feel ripped off for paying pre-order price.
3 jaar geleden
Got email from Nippon Yasan, he's to be released on the 26th.
3 jaar geleden
I think about to give up my preorders, Kaburagi & Barnaby. If you interested, please, PM me. Taken!
3 jaar geleden
Lol, delayed ?
3 jaar geleden
Atheist14 jaar geleden#12068001OMFG! What did they do to his face???

Exactly my thought.... We don't have enough pics, maybe he'll look better from other angles .... But It doesn't change the fact that he looks ugly in those pics for now ;_;
4 jaar geleden
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