Bravely Second End Layer - Nintendo 3DS Game - Collector's Box (Silicon Studio, Square Enix)Bravely Second End Layer - Nintendo 3DS Game - Collector's Box (Silicon Studio, Square Enix)¥ Koop¥ Koop

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The box includes:
- Bravely Second for 3DS ITEM #271910
- Agnes mini-figure ITEM #283789
- Magnolia rubber strap ITEM #283793
- Bravely Default 200 years later ~ art book + novel
- Hi-Res DATA CD-ROM (BGM music)
- U's Notebook ITEM #305177
- DLC codes for costumes


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1 jaar geleden
My euro deluxe edition arrived, really pleasantly surprised at how similar it is to the original collector's edition. Nice job not fucking us this time square
4 jaar geleden
WHAIT is this the Europe release? Because surely this is a collector edition and US only got Special edition and no Agnes mini figure.

4 jaar geleden
Europe got

the 'We were to lazy to translate the novel and diary-Artbook Edition' (I believe its the official one)
No Rubber Strap T-T
No DLC's

I'm still surprised and super glad we actually got the super lovely Agnes figure instead of a steelbook.
Normaly its like: We cut everything BUT hey at least you get a steelbook to your 5000 others!!

Still this one is way better than the one for Bravely Default.
4 jaar geleden
I had to get it... there was no choice for me...
4 jaar geleden
One of the best limited editions I've ever seen. Square Enix did a great job with this one
5 jaar geleden
Interested in just the Agnes figure as well. Anyone selling?
5 jaar geleden
awwwh I want only the Agne's figure, if anyone want to sell it please please PM me.
5 jaar geleden
Looking to buy JUST the Agnes figure and Magnolia strap! PM or reply to me if you're interested in selling, willing to negotiate on price :)
5 jaar geleden
Take5 jaar geleden#2628807Hopefully this will get released in the west as well!
This! But considering it includes a (thick?) novel, I'm not sure SE is willing to invest on a localization... Unless if publishing is once again handled by Nintendo then there might be a chance :o
5 jaar geleden
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