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Free! -Eternal Summer- - Nanase Haruka (Taito)Free! -Eternal Summer- - Nanase Haruka (Taito)

Free! -Eternal Summer- - Nanase Haruka (Taito)
Schaal & Afmetingen
H=170mm (6.63in)
Release date
02/26/2015 As Prize
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Interessante berichten
Not to mention implying the people who didn't preorder and regret it now are somehow unintelligent for their show of caution. I was honestly shocked by the nastiness of this comment and assumed it was trolling. Try not to be so rude in the future, it really does feel better to be kind.
4 jaar geleden
serendie (4 jaar geleden) #2537878Don't let what people on the internet (that you don't even know) say, affect you so much.

Please, you're on a figure board validating yourself based on the misfortune of others.

I'm just saying, good on you for preordering it and feeling good about yourself for that decision, but it achieves nothing to preen about it and rub salt in the wounds of people who were only being cautious about how they spend their money.

I hope those who are looking for him and Makoto get a hold of a preorder!
4 jaar geleden
Recent Comments
In stock @ Neokyo
Today, 1700 yen on Amazon Japan.
Buy through Neokyo: neokyo.com/prod...
¥250 order fee, 45 free storage days.
14 uur geleden
In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥2,288)

Product page : www.ninoma.com/...
Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 20 USD | 17 EUR | 25 CAD
Selling both for $35 plus shipping. Will take offers.
26 dag(en) geleden
Selling: €16, from ITALY to WORLDWIDE, paypal. Fees and shipping on buyer's behalf.
3 maand(en) geleden
Selling Haru with Makoto for $25, like new condition (was displayed); buyer pays for shipping. PM me for more details.
6 maand(en) geleden
Selling Haru with box for $15! Like new and was on display for a few months. Also selling Makoto, PM for pics and a shipping quote!
8 maand(en) geleden
Hey! I'm selling this figure for $15.00 USD !!
Great condition with box still intact.
Message me for details! (:

1 jaar geleden
Kelseydelallave (눈‸눈)
Selling Haru and Makoto for $35 plus shipping. Through PayPal and To US only.
1 jaar geleden
Selling him for 20 dollars! FREE SHIPPING USA.
1 jaar geleden
Selling Haru and Makoto for $45 +free shipping within USA.

Haru is new and unopened. I opened Makoto to check if he had an issue with his base and has no issues. Other than that, he's unused.
1 jaar geleden
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