Final Fantasy XII - Gabranth - 1/4 - Masterpiece (Square Enix)Final Fantasy XII - Gabranth - 1/4 - Masterpiece (Square Enix)¥ Koop¥ Koop

Final Fantasy XII - Gabranth - 1/4 - Masterpiece (Square Enix)
Schaal & Afmetingen
1/4  H=500mm (19.5in, 1:1=2m)
Release date
08/2008 As Standard
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i have one for sale in UK
3 jaar geleden
Looking to sell mine. ^^
4 jaar geleden
Looking to buy one of these. Any offers are welcome.
4 jaar geleden
Looking to sell mine for a fair price.
4 jaar geleden
Looking to sell mine if anyone is interested
5 jaar geleden
Is it still possible to find him at a price close to retail ? I'm currently looking for him, and he's not so rare, but prices have gone up a little.

Plus, what is the overall quality of this statue ? I'm not so fond of Cloud, which face is weird in my opinion. But considering it's Gabranth (helmet and it is a character I like a lot), how does he fare ?

How's the quality compared to, say, F4f, sideshow or tsume ?
6 jaar geleden
Yay, just picked this guy up along with the Weta Halo Master Chief & Arbiter statue for a totalprice of € 160! Few months ago the halo statue was sold on ebay for $ 599.99 and that was even a broken one! So I basically got Gabranth for free. Both are in perfect condition :D
6 jaar geleden
We are considering to sell our Gabranth, he is an awesome figure, but takes too much space.
Was never exposed, still in his shipping box. we unboxed it just to check it's conditions, and then re-boxed it, unfortunately it arrived with a little fissure on the internal part of his knee, fortunately is almost invisible cause his leg and armor are dark, and cause it's all shadowed by his cape.
We would sell it for 300€ + shipping (worldwide shipping accepted) if someone is interested, pm us, we can provide pics on request.
7 jaar geleden
9 jaar geleden
He's a 1/4? Holy cow! XD Good price though.
9 jaar geleden
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!


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