Takeuchi Takashi - Takiyama Masaaki - Wada Rco - Fate/Extra CCC - Gengashuu - OP Animation Production Note Labyrinth Box (Shaft)Takeuchi Takashi - Takiyama Masaaki - Wada Rco - Fate/Extra CCC - Gengashuu - OP Animation Production Note Labyrinth Box (Shaft)¥ Koop¥ Koop

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Website: www.shaft-web.c...

- Original item released by Anime production company Shaft.
- Production notes of all production process of opening animation of PSP game "Fate/Extra CCC"
- Gorgeous box styled (box & sleeve case pack/ fully in color)

- Storyboard collection (76 pages)
- Character setting materials (100 pages)
- Genga collection (228 pages)
- Flipnotes (2 books)
- 3 original illustration cards by Wada Arco, Takeshi Takeuchi and Masaaki Takiyama

Comiket 84 bonus:
- two B3 clear posters with illustrations from Wada Rco and Masaaki Takiyama


In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥9,270)

Brand New for ¥9,270
└ Packed with recycled materials ♻
Pre Owned for ¥4,254
└ Check product page for item condition.
Selling for 50 euro, like new. Shipping worldwide.
5 maand(en) geleden
Looking to reduce my collection, selling for $20, like new.

Edit: Sold
5 jaar geleden
The illustration cards look beautiful but the art books look like a rip off, they look like their mostly half page art images or almost all text: www.youtube.com...
6 jaar geleden
WindsorSeven7 jaar geleden#1676169So is our best bet stalking Manda?
Not anymore, incase you've not yet noticed.
6 jaar geleden
Available at AmiAmi: www.amiami.com/...
CdJapan: www.cdjapan.co....
Price roughly 8k.
6 jaar geleden
kuninoyuria6 jaar geleden#1753713Sooo beautiful

Can you tell me the link from this AYJ?

Sure: auction.yahoo.c...
6 jaar geleden
Sooo beautiful

dymitr7 jaar geleden#1676688Manda has several available starting at 12k. Got mine from AYJ because it is cheaper =3

Can you tell me the link from this AYJ?
6 jaar geleden
Those Nero images are lovely. I would love to have those. I really don't care about the other stuff.
Oh well, maybe they'll show up in something else down the line.
6 jaar geleden
This was way better than I was expecting. The whole thing is a piece of beauty.
The gengashuu is quite thick, containing doga's prints, actual screenshots and sketches.
The character setting is quite elaborate with rough sketches, doga and colored illustrations.
An especially nice touch are the many cut out sakura's that decorate the flip note holders(which are of a small size that fits excellently in to your hand so you can properly flip it, creating a nice constant fps-speed giving a smooth "video").
I highly recommend this to any Fate/Extra CCC fans!!
7 jaar geleden
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


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