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Kozaki Yusuke - Fire Emblem: Kakusei - Art Book - Settei Shiryoushuu - Setting Materials: Knights of Iris (Ascii Media Works)Kozaki Yusuke - Fire Emblem: Kakusei - Art Book - Settei Shiryoushuu - Setting Materials: Knights of Iris (Ascii Media Works)

Kozaki Yusuke - Fire Emblem: Kakusei - Art Book - Settei Shiryoushuu - Setting Materials: Knights of Iris (Ascii Media Works)
Release date
12/07/2012 As Standard
320 pagina's, A4
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I have received this artbook recently, as well, and it really is an amazing artbook just as everyone is saying. It is huge, all 320 pages are filled with content, it's stylish, gorgeous, colorful, detailed. It's more of an artbook and encyclopaedia combined into one book with everything you need to know about and see about the game. If you're a fan I cannot recommend this book enough. It's discounted quite a bit on Amazon UK and Amazon US (the latter one sitting at $23) so if you are considering, get them while the price is so good!

omnislacrima.wo... I have also written an in-depth review on my blog, with lots of pictures included if you're need more convincing. I even made a size comparison with your average artbook only to emphasize the volume of this thing.
2 jaar geleden
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Found this by chance in Barnes and Noble and I freaked out since I've been wanting it for a long time. I was shocked about how heavy it was and now that I'm looking through it I can't believe just how much is in it! Def worth the money. ♥
2 jaar geleden
Kirenisa I am a collector!
I just got the English version and WOW I was thinking it would be an ok size art book but this art book is huge and heavy I was surprised when I got my package in the mail for it and how heavy the box was. This art book is lovely and I'm glad that I ordered it. >w< The cover feels nice and the colors are extremely vibrant you can tell they put a lot of work into this art book.
2 jaar geleden
I recently bought Dark Horse's English version and I'm quite happy with it, really great artwork and translations seem well done from what I read (there's a lot). It's hard cover unlike the Japanese version and for $32 CAD I bought it for and free shipping from Amazon, I would say it's definitely worth it for those still looking. A lot cheaper then the $70+ plus they charge at cons for the Japanese version I've seen in the past
2 jaar geleden
I bought the English version on Amazon and it's massive (I own a lot of art books and almost all of them pale in comparison to the size of this book). You know how some art books just slab on random pictures (some good some rough) and it doesn't look good overall but not this book. Almost all the art works are top quality and the descriptions are fun to read. I've played the older Fire Emblem games (7 and 8) but never got my hands on a 3DS so I've never touched this game. Without even playing it I already love this book, imagine if I did play it wow
2 jaar geleden
I just got the English version from Dark Horse. They did a really nice job with this release and hopefully they'll put out more FE books (*crosses fingers for Tellius books*).
2 jaar geleden
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