Final Fantasy VII Remake - Tifa Lockhart - Static Arts - Dress Ver. (Square Enix)Final Fantasy VII Remake - Tifa Lockhart - Static Arts - Dress Ver. (Square Enix)¥ Koop¥ Koop

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Tifa Lockhart - Static Arts - Dress Ver. (Square Enix)
Schaal & Afmetingen
W=103mm (4.02in)  L=103mm (4.02in)  H=249mm (9.71in)
Release date
06/04/2022 As Standard
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Available for pre-order @ Solaris Japan (¥16,641)

Pre-Order at Solaris Japan for ¥16,641
└ Check product page for details.
58 minuten geleden
Available for pre-order @ Otaku Square
For EU customers: (incl. VAT) € 229 | $ 259 | ¥ 29267
For Worldwide customers: € 189 | $ 214 | ¥ 24188

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Available for pre-order @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥14,163)
Pay Later Available!
=> STATIC ARTS: Final Fantasy VII Remake - Blue Dress Tifa [Square Enix]
-13% OFF / ~113.95 € / ~$128.97
└ +5% Points on all Orders!
└ Worldwide Express Shipping! ✈
Available for pre-order @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥18,724)

Product page : www.ninoma.com/...
Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 174 USD | 159 EUR | 232 CAD
Available for pre-order @ HobbyLink Japan (MFC Partner) (¥14,800)
Product page => hlj.com/final-f...
Yeah this dress is great. If I can earn an extra $360 AND these ladies preorders aren't sold out I might get both after all.
18 dag(en) geleden
I love Tifa in that dress...but I really am rather scared that I would buy a prize figure quality for this hefty price. ugh.

Whyyyyy are there no great scale FF7 figures out there? T_T
I would kill for a great Cloud / Tifa / Aerith / Zack scale....

The pre-order time of Aerith was quite short.
Any place that still has her has already increased the price.
I wanted to wait until release to see real life pictures of Tifa / Aerith...but prices might skyrocket then....hm.
Oh well...will take the risk.
26 dag(en) geleden
RPG_FAN1281 maand(en) geleden#102651040Well rats. Guess I didn't know about the Square Enix reputation with poor QC. I will probably hold off pre-ordering and reassess after release.

Fml, yeah...clicked this thinking "Yes finally a nice Tifa figure that I could buy!" and then saw who's making it. The hunt continues, oof

(I might actually pick this up to be done with it because this has been taking literal years)
1 maand(en) geleden
Available for pre-order @ Manga-Mafia.de (199.99€)
You can preorder till 2022-12-31
Preorder now
About 236 USD | 25867 JPY
1 maand(en) geleden
I genuinely like the look of Aerith's Static Arts, the "cheap" looking hair doesn't bother me because the sculpt looks nice (imo!), It's got volume and all the good stuff. I think her face is pretty even if it isn't quite 100%. But this Tifa one is disappointing in comparison; the hair is flat, the pose seems a little awkward (again, just in my opinion, though it's clear the poses are meant to mirror and compliment each other but I think Aerith looks more natural in it), and she doesn't quite look herself? There's something off which is obviously just Square's work being Square's work, lmao.

Of course I expect the worst, and anything wrong with their products is just their standard, but I do like to consider things. I think the flat, wet/plastered hair look is because of this cheap material in combination with the texture of Tifa's hair. Her hair is thinner than Aerith's, with very little shape, so it can't be redeemed as well as hers with whatever material this is. The dark color probably isn't helping either.

I just want one masterpiece of my gorl, pls
1 maand(en) geleden
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