Original Character - Gaku Shoujo Akizuki Kurumi - 1/6 (Märchen Punch)Original Character - Gaku Shoujo Akizuki Kurumi - 1/6 (Märchen Punch)¥ Koop¥ Koop

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I like her hat and those thigh highs are noice, but I’m not too sure on her yet. I can’t really see the cast off on this figure which is really weird considering it’s Mataro of all people.
1 maand(en) geleden
Will this be a totally work-safe Mataro figure?
1 maand(en) geleden
I like the art but I wonder how it will turn out since it a new manufacturer.
1 maand(en) geleden
I don't think I'm going to risk it with a new manufacturer but this figure is right up my alley!! She's so adorable <3 And those thigh highs~

Not sure why I thought her sweater would be red before I saw the artwork xD
1 maand(en) geleden
Welcome to new manufacturer!?
1 maand(en) geleden
PVC anime figure store.


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