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Hasumi KeitoHasumi Keito

Hasumi Keito
Hasumi Keito
Original name
蓮巳 敬人





Keito has an overbearing manner, and he enjoys long conversations. Calm and composed, he acts as the vice-president of the Student Council, and he carries out his job with great efficiency. Supporting the student council president, Eichi Tenshouin, as his right hand man, Keito has a strong influence in the academy.

Born and raised in a Buddhist temple, Keito is childhood friends with Eichi, and they often enjoy drinking tea together. He was friends with third year Rei Sakuma before they entered the academy. He's fair-minded and will never find fault with those who follow the rules, but violators will receive a long sermon from him. He has very sharp ears. The leader of the unit AKATSUKI.
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