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Killy (霧亥) is the main character. He is on a journey to find a human with Net Terminal Genes to access the Netsphere. He is equipped with the Gravitational Beam Emitter, a small but incredibly powerful weapon that resembles a gun and is capable of destruction on a massive scale.

Killy's origin and motives are unknown. He speaks very little and rarely hesitates to fight. He also has shown superhuman levels of endurance and strength, and appears to be able to heal extremely rapidly. However he usually relies on his GBE to dispatch the opposition. Killy is in fact a prototype of the Safeguard, whom over 3,000 years before the current timeline was sent on his mission to find the net terminal genes. Due to the fact that he has been around so long he can no longer remember who had sent him on his journey in the first place nor any other memories that took place thousands of years ago. The older Killy grows, it appears that he will only lose more information to be replaced by the new.

Early on in the story, Killy asks the people he comes across not only about net terminal genes, but if they know anyone who sees letters and numbers in their eyes. After meeting the Electro-fishers and falling unconscious, he awakens and realizes that these letters and numbers are part of a scanning ability, which allows him to recognize Sanakan as a safeguard. Later in the story he becomes stronger to the point of being able to kill silicon creatures without the GBE and survives the direct attack of a level 9 (the highest known level) Safeguard.

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